A note to moe haters

You can not stop us.

We have this Kentaro Miura.

You moe now.

Are you afraid?

Death to shonen fighting.

Death to manliness.

Idolm@ster is great.

Realpost: Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk, has admitted in the latest issue of Young Animal that he’s very sad that his favorite series of Idolm@ster-related videos on nico are finally ending, so he picked up the game and a 360 for home play. Apparently he’s talked about Miku in the past, but I missed that.

Incidentally, Berserk goes back on break next issue.


(this guy does a funnier writeup if you can read the japanese)

edit: oh, i forget that sankaku complex reads the same news blogs as me and is up at all hours, welp

(originally via かーずSP)

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  1. Guts loves moé, world in shock « orz - TENTICULAR SOLSTICE says:

    […] Some other guy has declared death to shonen fighting and that other junk, but his junk was kicked WITH SHEER MANLINESS by a passing Gurren-Lagann. Some eyewitnesses also saw said giant robot flavor du jour sticking it in his pooper, but as we all know, it could have been Cthuhlu-tan (not pictured for your safety) tentacleraping the poor man. Of course he’d like it. The sick fiend. […]

  2. OGT says:
  3. OGT says:

    Hey, cool, wordpress ate my comment because it thought &lt3 was HTML!

  4. Link says:

    All im@s fans are fine by me, even if Berserk has been unreadable for a few years.

  5. astrange says:

    > Hey, cool, wordpress ate my comment because it thought &lt3 was HTML!

    that’s weird, maybe i should upgrade so i can get the new security holes

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