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Instant pre-review: Martian Sucessor Nadesico

Saturday, May 24th, 2008


Nice OP, though. If my Macross 7 torrent finishes soon, I won’t have to watch anything but 90s space shows for months!

Anime Blog Awards – the write-in edition

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

This Impz guy told me to nominate some people for some awards, and then only like one of the blogs I nominated only made it in! In protest, here’s some stuff you should read that you can’t vote for. Most of these people update more than we do!

Anipages Daily writes mini-essays about art, can somehow identify individual animators, and really likes Masaaki Yuasa. Since most of the anime industry doesn’t really do art and there’s only one of him, that doesn’t leave him with much, but he tries!
(Personally, I didn’t start watching Kemonozume ’cause I don’t really like poop jokes. I really mean to finish/start Mononoke sometime, though)

Akiba Blog brings me to tears with its beautiful writing every single time I read it. From what I gather, Akiba is only for porn and tourism these days, so pretty much all the entries are about that, but sometimes you can read about games with stupid names like “12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral-“.

This is the eroge that writes about delusion. Toranoana writes on its POP that “we have never seen this kind of eroge! It’s like an erotic manga. Your delusion would definitely exposes!

Karmaburn has been running since back in the day with Momotato and JASCII. They were only useful for knowing what to watch (ie, make sure not to watch anything they liked), but his brain hasn’t been replaced by moe just yet. Also, he compares everything to Eva, whereas everybody else forgets about a show maybe a month after it’s done airing. May or may not be in a secret club with us.

Fast Karate and AWO are, uh, not actually blogs I guess. But they do write for the world’s most powerful magazine! Although Clarissa really needs to develop a writing gimmick to match “talks about Golgo 13 all the time” and “actually likes DBZ” – do we really need to know setting details about Shuffle?