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2ch translation: What K-ON would be like if it was American

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Well, I think it’s funny, anyway.

Source: News4VIP via BIP blog

Azunyan dies in every episode.

Ritsu is black.

All the songs would have “Fuck” in the lyrics.

There would be a laugh track.

After School Drugs.

After School Barbeque.

All of them would have babysitting jobs.

It would be dubbed in Japanese by Koichi Yamadera.

After School Tea Party.

There would be a very special episode about Ritsu’s pregnancy.

Is this Degrassi?

Yui: “Shit! I cut my finger!”

The first one killed would be a funny black guy who listens to rap.


Mugi’s eyebrows would be salami.


After HTT saves the school from being blown up by Islamic fundamentalists, they become heroes.

Cheerleaders: “We were wrong. You’re cool after all!”

“Hamburger wa Okazu”

There would be an annoying hairy alien living in Yui’s house.

Sawako’s old band would have done Marilyn Manson covers.

The club room would be covered in graffiti.

#114 is good but is beyond me to translate.

Mugi would actually be a lesbian.

Mugi’s shirt would have some nonsensical kanji on it.

Don’t you mean Yui’s dressing gown?

Translation: 2ch attends Fanimecon

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

I also went to Fanime, so I can explain some of this in more detail. Also take a look at my photos, they’re much better than last time!

I’ve left “doujin” untranslated for that 2ch feel, but of course they mean the Artists’ Alley. You are also missing out on some jokes because I can’t think of a translation for アメリカのおまえら.

Source: the News4VIP thread I went to an American Comic Market via hamster sokuhou

1: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:00:42.69 ID:9cXwo77C0

I don’t know if you could call it a Comic Market, more like an anime festival, but anyway there were doujin booths and industry booths.

3: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:02:26.65 ID:N8peOve80

Foreigners cosplay pretty openly, huh.

At Comic Market, you’re required to arrive in normal clothes and change on site, to avoid scaring normal people on the way there.

7: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:03:07.53 ID:9cXwo77C0

8: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:03:32.42 ID:S9I+C3lZ0

It’s so similar I’d believe you if you told me it was Japan.

22: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:07:46.01 ID:n/GQz7rH0

When I saw the pizza, I knew it was America.

27: Ninpochou [Lv=2,xxxPT]1 2011/05/31(火) 13:10:52.33 ID:0byQt2KO0

I’d like to know what’s different about the doujinshi over there.

35: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:14:11.70 ID:9cXwo77C0

People mainly sell posters.
I barely saw any doujin books, but somehow I got a Japanese Touhou doujin. There were some from Taiwan.

I don’t know what the Japanese book was. There was a dealer called Fairy Doujin selling doujin artbooks in Chinese that were good but very expensive. Hen Da Ne did not come to Fanime, so there was no Comiket content to be found.

32: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:13:01.97 ID:9cXwo77C0

There’s a lot of guys like Saizensen-kun in America too.

Saizensen-kun is the name of a famous sweaty photographer who was the subject of an old Internet meme.

47: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:17:22.65 ID:9cXwo77C0

The doujin area

Some little girls

I must have missed him.

57: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:19:13.38 ID:S9I+C3lZ0

The familiar sight of backpacks…
Wait, isn’t this just Japan!?

55: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:18:38.78 ID:viUDrtXA0

I laughed at the Vocaloid cosplay.
What are the popular manga and anime in America right now? I was under the impression they’d stopped showing Naruto and Dragonball.

58: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:19:44.69 ID:9cXwo77C0

It’s the same as you guys. They all like Madoka Magica and stuff.

62: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:20:41.95 ID:9cXwo77C0

By the way, all the Asians I saw seemed to be Chinese.

78: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:24:47.31 ID:mJZBDakd0

Does doujin art over there use American comics style?

84: Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:28:46.40 ID:9cXwo77C0

There was one with American-style Touhou.
But they weren’t selling doujin books, but posters for $15. And pins.

He means Miluda and Rabid Potato‘s booth. The pins are cool, but they were selling a book! You should go see them at AX!

123 Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:43:20.68 ID:G+wiPBwPP

This is the best part of your photo.

133 Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:48:55.84 ID:C+HWyze50

<Do you have a job?>

130 Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 13:47:16.62 ID:Hh8lsAH60

Has fujoshi culture made it over there?
Does Amazon list BL as a category over there?

The manga category on is actually named “Manga / Anime / BL”.

185 Anonymous 2011/05/31(火) 14:23:31.92 ID:9cXwo77C0

These are all the doujin I found…

The one on top is by kata. I think the rest are Chinese. I’m impressed he found that many.

Suddenly got bored translating. The highlights:
– Americans only do posters for art.
– Americans are really good at making costumes.
– American cameras are silent so it’s easier to take stealth photos.
– You can take pictures anywhere in America, but it’s forbidden in most parts of Japanese events.

As for myself I’ve never bought an artist print, because I have no idea what to do with it… they should really do more books. That and many artists just aren’t that good.

As for Fanime, it was much better than Acen, but almost as programming-free. They had so many late panel changes that the schedule wasn’t printed until the second day, and Anime Hell disappeared this year. I spent most of it playing Twinkle Star Sprites and meeting Touhous.

The location and nearby food are really good, so convention recommended anyway.

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