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Madoka Magica movies

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Last night I went up to New People SF to see the two 120 minute Madoka movies. I don’t think they need a review here – I’ll say it was worth spending 5 hours of travel time for, but hopefully next time I won’t have to take public transit – but without spoiling the series, there were some interesting things about the movie adaptation.

First off, the theater turned out to be pretty small, with almost two rows just being people I knew from Twitter, there was none of the special merchandise, and our tickets were printed on receipt paper. This leads me to suspect that Los Angeles is the only US city Japan believes actually exists.

I don’t exactly remember the TV series scene-by-scene anymore, but as far as I noticed there weren’t many new scenes; new animation instead went into improving the witch fights and transformation scenes, animation fixes, and added OP/ED sequences that really seemed sort of out of place in a movie.

The few new scenes mostly seemed intended to make Homura even more of a main character1. Mami actually lost character development, along with all the adults – her wish isn’t shown and they spent almost all their onscreen time talking about romance. In exchange, Mami’s new theme is really good.

All of the cast rerecorded their parts for the movies, and this time actually knew what the story was ahead of time. I’m not sure it made much of a difference, but Kyouko and QB’s performances stood out as very good. (Kyouko’s the best anyway.)

My only complaint about the translation is that one of the seiyuu used the word sekaikan in the opening comment, and I doubt anyone understood what she meant from the subtitle translating it as “worldview.”

In the end I still think Madoka’s plot is very strong when seen all at once, but Kyouko does suffer a little too much and Madoka really doesn’t have a reason to keep following people around at night. Still, if you haven’t seen it yet you should all go and do it before it’s ruined by sequels!

Discussion questions:

  1. Why does Kyousuke have to stay in bed if he has a wheelchair?
  2. Why don’t Madoka’s parents notice she’s never home at night?
  3. How do magical girls afford apartments?
  4. Are the flights of doves and their teacher’s voice Hidamari Sketch jokes?
  5. Define sekaikan.
  6. Really, Anne Frank?
  1. and MadoHomu the main pairing []

Some Internet archaeology

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Here are some old wallpapers I found while cleaning. I believe they came from a Hotline server around the year 2002. Hope you like Ah My Goddess!

Not sure I remember how to write in English at this point, but more contentful posts hopefully coming soon…

2ch translation: What K-ON would be like if it was American

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Well, I think it’s funny, anyway.

Source: News4VIP via BIP blog

Azunyan dies in every episode.

Ritsu is black.

All the songs would have “Fuck” in the lyrics.

There would be a laugh track.

After School Drugs.

After School Barbeque.

All of them would have babysitting jobs.

It would be dubbed in Japanese by Koichi Yamadera.

After School Tea Party.

There would be a very special episode about Ritsu’s pregnancy.

Is this Degrassi?

Yui: “Shit! I cut my finger!”

The first one killed would be a funny black guy who listens to rap.


Mugi’s eyebrows would be salami.


After HTT saves the school from being blown up by Islamic fundamentalists, they become heroes.

Cheerleaders: “We were wrong. You’re cool after all!”

“Hamburger wa Okazu”

There would be an annoying hairy alien living in Yui’s house.

Sawako’s old band would have done Marilyn Manson covers.

The club room would be covered in graffiti.

#114 is good but is beyond me to translate.

Mugi would actually be a lesbian.

Mugi’s shirt would have some nonsensical kanji on it.

Don’t you mean Yui’s dressing gown?

Madoka Magica is actually Doraemon

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

This image is suddenly more significant with the new relevations about Homura’s magical pocket. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too much for me to translate at the moment, but I assure you it’s very convincing.

Also that was a really amazing episode!!

Translation: 2000-2010 best-selling TV anime

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Note: I frequently encounter people complaining that cheap moe/fanservice anime are being made because they sell better than “serious” anime. However, these shows typically sell extremely poorly – I hope this list will help improve your internet arguments. I’ve added a somewhat-accurate list of genres/original source material.

Source: Anime sales thread material repository on livedoor bbs, presumably from 2ch originally.

These numbers are per-volume averages, with each DVD in a box set being counted as an individual volume. (*) indicates series still being released when the list was made in 2010/05.

List of 2000-2010 TV anime DVD/BDs with 10,000+ sales

Sales Genre Series
170,479 Comedy The World of Golden Eggs
79,204 Mecha SF Gundam SEED Destiny
76,760 Light Novel Bakemonogatari (*)
70,349 Mecha SF Gundam SEED
52,900 Shounen Full Metal Alchemist
50,552 Shounen Code Geass
46,147 Mecha SF Macross Frontier
42,822 4koma Comedy K-ON!
42,690 Shounen Code Geass R2
41,038 Light Novel SF The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
39,208 SF Gundam 00
34,601 SF Gundam 00 S2
29,890 Seinen Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd Gig
29,768 Visual Novel Clannad
29,509 Sports Initial D Fourth Stage
29,146 4koma Comedy Lucky Star
27,377 Seinen Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
26,910 4koma Comedy Azumanga Daiou
26,047 Visual Novel Fantasy Fate/stay night
25,637 Harem Romance Love Hina
24,346 Visual Novel AIR
24,253 SF+Moe A Certain Scientific Railgun (*)
22,829 Light Novel Dulalala! (*)
22,591 Magical Girl SF Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
21,831 4koma Comedy Working!! (*)
20,450 Visual Novel Kanon (2006)
20,342 Healing Aria The Origination
20,052 Shounen SF Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
19,819 Visual Novel Clannad After Story
19,297 Sports Ookiku Furikabutte
18,683 Fighting Bleach (1-20)
18,573 Fighting Bleach (42-63)
18,556 Light Novel SF The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya S2
18,535 ??? Mononoke
17,888 Sports Initial D Second Stage
17,864 Healing Aria The Animation
17,553 Comedy Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
17,481 Fighting Bleach (21-41)
16,458 Harem Comedy Mahou Sensei Negima!
16,262 ??? Onegai Teacher
16,166 ??? Onegai Twins
16,079 SF Darker than Black S1
15,983 Healing Aria The Natural
15,448 Comedy Gintama S1
15,284 Comedy Gintama S2
15,246 Comedy Gintama S3
15,021 Shounen Death Note
14,216 Visual Novel Fantasy Shingetsutan Tsukihime
14,125 Fanservice Comedy Mahoromatic S1
13,920 Neo-Shounen Kuroshitsuji
13,789 Fanservice Strike Witches S1
13,723 Shounen Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (*)
13,360 Visual Novel D.C. ~Da Capo~
13,233 ??? Hand Maid May
12,971 ??? Mai-HiME
12,937 Comedy Gintama S4
12,673 SF Darker than Black S2 (*)
12,290 ??? Ai yori Aoshi
12,126 Light Novel A Certain Magical Index S1
12,094 ??? Infinite Ryvius
11,932 Shoujo Fruits Basket
11,920 Fighting Scryed
11,800 Novel SF Banner of the Stars
11,712 SF Eureka Seven
11,521 Fanservice Comedy Mahoromatic S2
11,440 ??? Read or Die TV
11,265 ??? Mai-Otome
11,251 Magical Girl Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s
11,244 Comedy Minami-ke S1
11,243 ??? Rozen Maiden Träumend
11,039 ??? Honey & Clover
10,880 Harem Comedy Kannagi
10,620 Light Novel Shakugan no Shana S1
10,612 Light Novel Drama Toradora
10,315 ??? Natsume’s Book of Friends S2
10,236 ??? Natsume’s Book of Friends
10,219 Comedy Pani Poni Dash!
10,049 Seinen Mushi-shi
10,046 ??? Library War

Who says SHAFT needs industry awards?

Top 25 Average Employee Salaries + Total Sales for the Japanese Film/Motion Picture Industry

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Source: Nensyu Labo, compiled by them via publicly available securities reports and documents submitted for 2008.

Average yearly salary, in tens of thousands of yen. (100,000 JPY = roughly $1100)

1. Toei: 864
2. Toho: 837
3. Shochiku: 735
4. Tokyo Rakutenchi: 710
5. Gonzo: 654
6. Toei Animation: 651
7. TYO Productions: 620
8. OS: 620
9. Tokyo Theatres: 619
10. Subaru Enterprise: 615
11. Kokusai Hoei: 607
12. Aoi Advertising Promotion Inc.: 605
13. Tohokushinsha: 604
14. Flight System Consulting: 571
15. Marvelous Entertainment: 534
16. Sotsu: 518
17. Shizukatsu: 512
18. IG Port: 501
19. Omega Project Holdings: 490
20. TMS Entertainment: 485
21. We’ve: 483
22. Kin-ei: 444
23. Nakanihon Kogyo: 435
24. Musashino Kogyo: 430
25. Tokyu Recreation: 383

Sales Rankings, in hundreds of million of yen (100,000,000 yen = roughly 1.1 million USD). Number in () after studio name is rank in above list of average employee salary.

1. Toho (2): 2134
2. Toei (1): 1076
3. Shochiku (3): 949
4. Tohokushinsha (13) : 681
5. TYO Productions (7): 311
6. Tokyu Recreation (25): 277
7. Tokyo Theatres (9): 232
8. Toei Animation (6): 217
9. Aoi Advertising Promotion Inc (12): 167
10. Sotsu (16): 159
11. TMS Entertainment (20): 141
12. Marvelous Entertainment (15): 101
13. IG Port (18): 71
14. OS (8): 65
15. Gonzo (5): 63
16. Tokyo Rakuenchi (4): 37
17. Kin-ei (22): 37
18. Nakanihon Kogyo (23): 37
19. Kokusai Hoei (11): 34
20. Flight System Consulting (14): 30
21. Omega Project Holdings (19): 30
22. We’ve (21): 30
23. Subaru Kogyo (10): 24
24. Musashino Kogyo (24): 20
25. Shizukatsu (17): 11

Studios, Directors Chosen for the JAniCA Animator Training Project

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

JAniCA has just posted a press release announcing the four companies out of the sixteen that applied who will be given 38 million yen each in order to create a 23-minute original animation primarily utilizing young animators as detailed in my earlier post on this project.

They are as follows:

Company: Ascension
Director: Hongo Mitsuru (Dir. Spirit of Wonder, Outlaw Star, Reideen (2007), various Crayon Shinchan incl. 5 films)
Producer: Mogi Hitoshi (Prod. 7+ Crayon Shinchan films, Summer Days with Coo)
Provisional Title: Kizuna Ichigeki

Company: Telecom Animation Film (Also a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMS Entertainment)
Director: Takiguchi Teiichi (Dir., Anim. Dir., Kara no Kyoukai movie 4, Key Anim., The Cat Returns, Tekkonkinkreet, Whisper of the Heart)
Producer: Takeuchi Koji (Prod. Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy, Ramen Fighter Miki)
Provisional Title: Ojiisan no Lamp

Company: P.A. Works
Director: Yoshihara Masayuki (Asst. Dir., Eden of the East, Moribito, Key Anim., Ghost in the Shell series)
Producer: Horikawa Kenji (Prod. true tears, CANAAN, Angel Beats!, Series Comp., Popolocrois Monogatari)
Provisional Title: Bannou Yasai Ninninman

Company: Production I.G.
Director: Kise Kazuchika (Anim. Dir., Patlabor the Movie, Patlabor the Movie 2, Bungaku Shoujo, Evangelion 1.0, Ghost in the Shell, Key Anim., Evangelion 1.0/2.0, Ghost in the Shell, Rojin Z, SPT Layzner)
Producer: Terakawa Hidekazu (Prod., IGPX, Jin-Roh, One Piece: Defeat the Pirate Ganzak!, various game animation work by I.G.)
Provisional Title: Tansu Warashi

2ch Copypaste Translation: Highest Single Disc Sales for Original TV Anime from 2006-2009

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

More 2ch copypaste since I’m bored and can’t turn on my lights to read manga since that’ll attract bugs. This is probably already reproduced somewhere on animesuki, but oh well. “Source is 2ch”, though I bet if you checked on the Oricon site or went to the diet library and took a look at Oricon Biz that you’d find numbers that agree with this! “Discs sold” is the number of discs listed as sold for the highest-selling single volume released of a given series.

But first, some pie charts:

from a Kadokawa booth at some convention or event or another.
Red = (light) novels
Green = manga
Purple = original
Blue = game
Yellow = other

Year Discs sold12 Title
2006 **,*** Sasami: Magical Girls Club
2006 **,*** Rakugo Tennyo Oyui
2006 **,*** Himawari!
2006 *2,616 Ayakashi Ayashi / Ghost Slayers Ayashi
2006 *2,377 Renkin San-kyuu Magical Poka~n
2006 **,*** Noein
2006 *2,220 Tactical Roar
2006 **,*** Akubi Girl
2006 **,*** Coyote Ragtime Show
2006 *2,489 Hell Girl Season 2
2006 **,*** Saint October
2006 **,*** Funny Pets< ?td>

2006 **,*** Hula Kappa
2006 **,*** Nerima Daikon Brothers
2006 *2,643 Galaxy Angel Rune
2006 **,*** Simoun
2006 *1,842 Rescue Wings
2006 **,*** Love Get Chu
2006 **,*** The Frogman Show
2006 **,*** Red Garden
2006 *1,248 009-1
2006 2,140 Ayakashi – Samurai Horror Tales
2006 **,*** The Galaxy Railways – Crossroads to Eternity
2006 68,821 Code Geass
2006 **,*** Glass Fleet
2006 **,*** Gin’iro no Olynssis
2006 **,*** Soukou no Strain
2006 **,*** Hime-sama Goyoujin
2006 **,*** Innocent Venus
2006 **,*** Night Head Genesis
2007 22,215 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
2007 23,688 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
2007 **,*** Himawari!!
2007 **,*** Chibinacs
2007 *3,440 sola
2007 *3,471 Sky Girls
2007 **,*** El Cazador de la Bruja
2007 *2,8993  Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight
2007 **,*** Gigantic Formula
2007 **,*** Dragonaut
2007 –,— Engage Planet Kiss Dum
2007 **,*** Kotetsu Sangokushi
2007 *1,374 Getsumen To Heiki Miina
2007 15,150 Mononoke
2007 *9,099 Darker than Black
2007 **,*** Sisters of Wellber
2007 **,*** Ghost Hound
2007 57,957 Gundam 00
2008 *1,278 Blassreiter
2008 24,643 Fireball
2008 *3,045 Hell Girl Season 3
2008 **,*** Shigofumi
2008 **,*** Bihada Ichizoku
2008 **,*** Glass Maiden (Crystal Blaze)
2008 **,*** Michiko to Hacchin
2008 **,*** The Daughter of Twenty Faces
2008 **,*** Real Drive
2008 59,041 Code Geass R2
2008 64,981 Macross F
2008 49,943 Gundam 00 Second Season
2008 *1,958 Xam’d: Lost Memories
2009 **,*** Munto TV
2009 *3,479 Sora Kake Girl
2009 **,509 Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
2009 **,*** Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo
2009 **,*** Element Hunters
2009 10,446 Eden of the East
2009 **,564 Basquash

I need a drink. As posters note, at least we’ll be able to count on Angel Beats! Hm, maybe two drinks.

  1. **,*** means all volumes failed to chart. []
  2. chart does not include remakes and kids shows []
  3. フヒヒ、サーセン []

More Details on the JAniCA/Agency for Cultural Affairs Animator Training Project

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

…in condensed bullet point form of because there’s no way i’m completely translating a 39 page technical PDF just for fun, even if the project is really interesting.

Anyway, this project was announced earlier this month and the initial announcement about the basic form of the project (4 23-minute original animations to be produced with a 38 million yen budget each, with production focusing on the training of young animators) was picked up by the usual suspects. However, the general reaction on the comments sections seemed to be on the negative side, which was a little baffling to me. I have a lot of trust and respect for JAniCA, as they’ve been one of the most staunch supporters of animators (see translations here, here, and just about every substantial report over the last few years about animator salaries) and so the endless comments of “what is government doing???? just give money to the animators!!” were a little disheartening. These complaints seemed especially silly since the government funding is only coming in at around $2 million US, which in my admittedly rather business-ignorant mind isn’t going to do a whole lot if they just threw it towards wages. (Though if they took the proposed $130 million LDP budget for the manga library and gave that cash to animators, then maybe it’d be a different story…)

Anyway, I got to looking at the detailed application sheet that JAniCA put out a few days later, and wouldn’t you know it, it looks like a very well-meaning, intelligently drafted, and fast-acting plan! Anyway, here are your bullet points, as promised earlier. I’m doing this on a bit more of a rush than normal for me, so goyaku gomen. Please leave comments if you have any corrections/questions.


Spring 2010, some 3+ episode tests

Friday, May 21st, 2010

I guess I’ve watched more than 3 episodes of some of these, but I have no idea what a schedule is and forgot to write this. Oh well…

A 4koma anime that feels like a 4koma anime, produced by A-1 Pictures channeling J.C. Staff. It has some nice character ideas, but the execution is a bit too straightforward, so it’s a little boring – still watchable, but I don’t love it. I wish it was by SHAFT somehow, even though I was very bored with Arakawa (dropped at 2 episodes).
The opening doesn’t really know what it’s doing – half of it is new and interesting, and half of it seems to be shots copied from Azumanga Daioh. My notes say “ed is stupid”, but I can’t remember anything about it, so let’s leave it at that.
I hear the later episodes are more solid and that there’s a new character with hime cut. Watching.

Giant Killing
A soccer anime by Studio DEEN with actual money. I thought it was really interesting that a DEEN show with a budget has better drawings and movement, but still has horrible washed-out coloring choices for everything. Actually, I thought that was more interesting than the show – I’ve never seen a sports anime before, so it’s kind of cool, but the early part is just the coach making up magic quirky strategies for everything instead of something more realistic.
I’ll have to look ahead and see if it goes anywhere, otherwise dropped at 3 episodes.

Sarai-ya Goyou / House of Five Leaves
A samurai show made by manglobe that’s REALLY BORING!
Nothing has happened in 3 episodes except for one swordfight, so it doesn’t matter how good the art is (it’s good). Dropped.

Senkou no Night Raid
Psychic superpower action series by A-1 Pictures channeling Bones. I’m watching this untranslated, and the fake Chinese politics sort of goes over my head, so without that it’s just a watchable but slow action drama – a lot of things happen, but not in a really interesting way. I’d rather finish Darker than Black, really. I’ve heard some other people say it was “awful”, but I can’t really tell what’s annoying them. Watching halfheartedly.

The OP is a really complicated animation that looks cool and doesn’t match the actual show at all.

They make it sound like the psychics are an important national secret, but then in episode 3 they’re teleporting bombs out of buildings all over the place. Won’t someone notice?

Now that I think about it, the only things I’ve seen in the last few weeks were Angel Beats! and K-ON!!. More about that later.