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Trip Report: Rokkenjima (Kyu Furukawa Gardens)

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Once upon a time I went to Hinamizawa (Shirakawa-go), home of “Higurashi no naku koro ni”.

This year I happened to find myself in Japan once more, so what better thing to do than continue the series?

The Ushiromiya mansion can be found in Kyu Furukawa Gardens (旧古河庭園), a park 10 minutes north of Akihabara on the Keihin-Touhoku line near Kami-Nakazato Station. It’s actually rather small and cannot be entered by the public, but you can see the outside, the rose garden, and of course the rest of the park (which has an extensive Japanese garden and a pet duck.)

The roses themselves weren’t blooming at the time, so we never did see Maria’s rose.

By the way, both Shirakawa-go and the park have been added to Google Street View, so you can go on a pilgrimage without spending nearly as much as I have!