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We are attending Otakon and we are telling you about it

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

I totally bought Kannagi even though I didn’t watch it. $35 for 7 episodes :o
I also didn’t take notes, so I’d better write this down before I forget any of it…

Facts about Yamakan:

  • He is cool
  • He composed the Haruhi dance in his apartment while standing on his bed
  • He recommends Summer Wars by possibly-acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda
  • He doesn’t actually hate slightly-more-acclaimed director Akiyuki Shinbo
  • He probably shouldn’t have made three dancing anime in a row
  • “If I said I didn’t like any other directors, people would yell at me on the Internet again”

Highlights of his panels included an Asian guy, possibly from a mysterious land known as “#denpa”, dancing the Kannagi OP.

Facts about Kikuko Inoue:

  • She was a fish in a previous life.
  • She “knows this”.
  • She spent half of her panel asking Hidenori Matsubara to let her be in the next Eva movie. (He offered to let her be Pen-Pen)
  • People in the audience thought Maikaze and games were recorded differently from anime, but they weren’t.
  • She can remember how to sing the Ah My Goddess opening, but not Cruel Angel’s Thesis. But she did her best!
  • Only girls can join her 17-year-old club, because it’s more bittersweet.

Tomorrow I’m going to do something other than sitting in guest Q&A panels, I hope. Like sitting in Surat’s panels.