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Translation: Emitsun & Shikaco’s seiyuu nicknames

Monday, September 8th, 2014

First off, I’m sorry there’s so little intellectual content in this post. Lately I’ve been following seiyuu fans on Twitter, but it turns out it’s impossible to understand any of them because of all the nicknames they use, from Mingosu to Baum.

But I’ve at least learned the names of the Love Live cast,1 and this came up in two recent broadcasts. Let’s access!

1. From “Nitta Emi’s Debut Commemoration Nico Stream (2014/08/21)” with Nitta Emi/Emitsun (Kousaka Honoka) and MC Hoshino Takuya.

Takuya: A letter from Reimu(?)-san, from Osaka.
“Congratulations on your artist debut! This may be a very simple question, but where does the ‘tsun’ in ‘Emitsun’ come from? I mean, the ‘tsun’ in ‘tsundere’ just isn’t your character. Could you explain it to us?”
I guess most people just don’t know this one! Though it’s not like I know it either.

Emi: Yeah. Actually I’d like to know myself.

Takuya: Eh?! Who came up with it?

Emi: Well, when I was in college I was in this student musical. Like a theater club.
Somehow, one day, I was given the name Emitsun.

Takuya: And that’s it? So who was the originator?

Emi: It was Hazuki-chan.

Takuya: Hazuki-chan, if you’re watching please contact us!

Emi: Anyway, she just kept calling me that.
Later, I graduated and went to become a seiyuu.
On my last birthday before my seiyuu debut, I wrote a blog post “Give me a birthday present!”.

Takuya: You just wrote that? (laughs)

Emi: Like, “please give me a nickname!”.
And I got some suggestions, like “Nitta-chan” and “Emirin”, but “Emitsun” was in there and I picked it myself.

There were some in there like “Emilia”…

Takuya: Emilia!? (laughs)

Emi: It was kind of fantasy-like! But I wouldn’t be good at having that kind of cool shiny nickname.
Reading them out to myself, I thought the one that sounded kind of “unfortunate” suited me better. So I thought “Emitsun it is!”

Takuya: I see, so that’s how it happened!

Emi: But lately, people haven’t really been calling me that. They just call me “Tsun.”

Takuya: Just “tsun”?! I can understand just “Emi”! At least everyone would know who it meant.

Emi: People just call me “Tsun-san” at work. That’s fine… I guess.

2. From “The Idea Of Talking By Herself Makes Kubo Yurika’s Stomach Hurt!” episode 1, with Kubo Yurika/Shikaco (Koizumi Hanayo).

Yurika: Ummm, let me introduce myself! My name is Kubo Yurika.
You can call me Shikaco!

Yurika: Actually, everyone seems to call me that. Did they read it on Wikipedia?

Yurika: Anyway, I’m originally from Nara Prefecture, you know.
So I was working in Nara, and I didn’t have any friends in my agency…

Nico comments: Oh…

Yurika: Oh, I mean, I just didn’t have very many…

Nico comments: Oh…

Yurika: But I did have friends in Osaka and Tokyo.
And people in Tokai like to make fun of Nara a lot, you know.
Like, they only know it for the Daibutsu and stuff.

Yurika: They were like “Oh, deer! You run into deer all the time there, right!”.
So they called me “Shika-ko” (Deer Girl).

Yurika: I felt like I should just introduce myself with “My name is Shikaco!”.
But it’s cool if you don’t call me that. My real name is fine.
Myself, I just think of it as a promotion for Nara!

That was actually kind of sad… By the way, I’ve been trying out some seiyuu radio shows, but I’m finding them mostly pretty boring. It’s hard to put out an episode every week when you don’t have anything to talk about.

Having to appear on radio shows is a large part of their work schedule that nobody outside Japan really notices, but if it makes their stomach hurt maybe they shouldn’t be doing it?

That said, I recommend Nanjou Hitoma with Yoshino Nanjou. You can call her Nanjolno.

  1. It’s easier than Idolmaster since there’s only nine of them. []