Maikaze Touhou Anime Seiyuu List + more

thanks moon phase

if you want to try to not get a 503, be my guest looks like the traffic rush is calming down, thank god

West hall 2, day 2 (12/29), あ(hiragana a)-41a
not a shutter circle, in fact it’s in one of the less accessable perimeter booths. perhaps you could call it the border of life and death.

Limited Edition comes with Soundtrack, Artbook, post card set

2800y at event

Reimu: Mai Nakahara

Marisa: Sawashiro Miyuki

SYAMEIMARU: Fujimura Ayumi

Patchouli: Takahashi Mikako

Sakuya: Tanaka Rie

Remilia: Tsuji Ayumi

Suika: Toyosaki Aki

Narration: Inoue Kikuko

thats a lot of money

get there early enough* and you might get things signed by the seiyuu or even recording scripts!

*start camping out maybe tomorrow at the latest

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    Seriously? T’would be sooooooo awesome if that was the case. :P

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    this IS the case.

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