Spring 2010, some 3+ episode tests

I guess I’ve watched more than 3 episodes of some of these, but I have no idea what a schedule is and forgot to write this. Oh well…

A 4koma anime that feels like a 4koma anime, produced by A-1 Pictures channeling J.C. Staff. It has some nice character ideas, but the execution is a bit too straightforward, so it’s a little boring – still watchable, but I don’t love it. I wish it was by SHAFT somehow, even though I was very bored with Arakawa (dropped at 2 episodes).
The opening doesn’t really know what it’s doing – half of it is new and interesting, and half of it seems to be shots copied from Azumanga Daioh. My notes say “ed is stupid”, but I can’t remember anything about it, so let’s leave it at that.
I hear the later episodes are more solid and that there’s a new character with hime cut. Watching.

Giant Killing
A soccer anime by Studio DEEN with actual money. I thought it was really interesting that a DEEN show with a budget has better drawings and movement, but still has horrible washed-out coloring choices for everything. Actually, I thought that was more interesting than the show – I’ve never seen a sports anime before, so it’s kind of cool, but the early part is just the coach making up magic quirky strategies for everything instead of something more realistic.
I’ll have to look ahead and see if it goes anywhere, otherwise dropped at 3 episodes.

Sarai-ya Goyou / House of Five Leaves
A samurai show made by manglobe that’s REALLY BORING!
Nothing has happened in 3 episodes except for one swordfight, so it doesn’t matter how good the art is (it’s good). Dropped.

Senkou no Night Raid
Psychic superpower action series by A-1 Pictures channeling Bones. I’m watching this untranslated, and the fake Chinese politics sort of goes over my head, so without that it’s just a watchable but slow action drama – a lot of things happen, but not in a really interesting way. I’d rather finish Darker than Black, really. I’ve heard some other people say it was “awful”, but I can’t really tell what’s annoying them. Watching halfheartedly.

The OP is a really complicated animation that looks cool and doesn’t match the actual show at all.

They make it sound like the psychics are an important national secret, but then in episode 3 they’re teleporting bombs out of buildings all over the place. Won’t someone notice?

Now that I think about it, the only things I’ve seen in the last few weeks were Angel Beats! and K-ON!!. More about that later.

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  1. deaky says:

    Wait.. Five Leaves is too boring for someone who watches K-On? I’ve never heard that one before ;)

    All jokes aside, an interesting take on things. I didn’t even realize Giant Killing had a budget, but then with DEEN who can ever tell? I just loved the OP and the fact that it wasn’t a total disaster.. even if at first it felt like a Hollywood movie about American Football.

    Also, Working kinda grew on me (a little). I hated it at first, but now that the characters are largely established, it seems to be “working” just a tiny bit more (I’ll be here all weekend, folks..) At least it seems to be trying harder than the likes of Arakawa.

  2. astrange says:

    > Wait.. Five Leaves is too boring for someone who watches K-On? I’ve never heard that one before ;)

    Well, it’s all about betraying expectations the right way.
    I expected some bad pop music and Yui eating cakes from K-ON and there it is, but surprisingly well directed.
    I expected cool sword fights from Five Leaves, but it only had one in the first episode. I wouldn’t mind it being a different genre, but it’s not getting on with that either – it’s just about the samurai looking mopey and doing menial labor. If there’s no visual story elements, why is it an anime?

    > I didn’t even realize Giant Killing had a budget, but then with DEEN who can ever tell?

    Pretty much when someone makes a comment about “budget”, they’re making it up. Obvious quality differences in some episodes (called “they saved their budget for this one”) are usually from that one going to an especially talented studio, or Norio Matsumoto coming in and drawing the whole episode himself like in Naruto.

    In this case DEEN is pretty predictable, and the OP has a lot more work done than usual – although DEEN always has good OPs, it’s just the actual shows that are bad – plus it’s running on NHK, so I think it’s a good guess.

    …this comment is almost as long as the post.

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