Instant Review: Futakoi Alternative

Futakoi Alternative is the anime adaption of “Pinball, 1973” by Haruki Murakami a schizophrenic 2005 slice-of-life/loli twin moe/yakuza/action/Snatch homage/multi-episode Giant Robo reference anime by schizophrenic studio ufotable. It’s awesome, you should watch it. The end.

the best episode (also the second-to-last episode)

I’d actually started watching this in 2005 but stopped at the low point, around episode 9 – I didn’t understand why it was suddenly about a terrorist squid – but now that I finished it I don’t think that was too bad. That wasn’t actually a drop in quality in the show itself, but the script constantly changes genres and the one from “drama” to “fake Imagawa show” took a while.

Unfortunately I think that’s doomed it over here – the middle part is a long slice-of-life show of the kind nobody around here wants to buy or watch, which probably means a lot of people wouldn’t sit through it even if they did like all the rest. Although ufotable did try to make an even more Western-style show and ended up with the boring and still weirdly otakuish Coyote Ragtime Show, so maybe it’s just as well?

Also please post if you got my joke in the first paragraph without looking it up.

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