Semi-Historical Youtube: Stupid DVD Rip Intro Video

This is what people in the far off land of 2003 thought was a good idea:

(and now there’s sound)

Also, when I went to check the release date on anidb, I was informed that AXP aren’t pirates, but “provide free previews” to “spread knowledge of anime.” Thanks, anidb, I’m glad nobody uses you anymore.

2 Responses to “Semi-Historical Youtube: Stupid DVD Rip Intro Video”

  1. ducky says:

    I guess I deleted whatever of theirs I downloaded (or it’s on one of the drives that’s spewing over my firewire bus) so have a mediafire link with sound.

    And apparently they switched to a shorter one at some point

  2. astrange says:

    Cool, I forgot they had synth voices in there too.

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