news snippets: Over 1350 Touhou Circles at C75, Mahou Shoujo Ai San May be the Year’s Summer Days

I’m about to go to my last class for the next 3-4 weeks so I promise I’ll do reviews and other things that aren’t stupid nerd news some time soon, but until then:

Zepy had a good post about Comiket circles doing Touhou stuff over the years back in August, and the folks who made that have updated for this year: 1356 circles doing Touhou, up from 885. Good lord.

The other thing that came up last night that I was too busy watching Rosario + Vampire on tv to post about was that some folks on 2ch apparently got the new Mahou Shoujo Ai game a few days early (1, 2, 3), and well, if they’re telling the truth, the game didn’t really get a look-over before going gold, or something. As was pointed out to me by irc last night, this would normally not be a problem, since who the hell looks at anything but tentacles and the various parts that said tentacles interact with, but the problem is that in some scenes, the tentacles are missing. More than the tentacles, actually, it’s that some scenes are missing any art at all, and even the paper dolls might be missing in some scenes.

This is compounded by the fact that the game is a third of the size of the previous installments (500mb on a dvd?!) They’ve also caught some flack for apparently using CG from previous games on their website and on the game box as promo art for the new game. Of course, this could all be a very elaborate, awesome troll (one of “epic” proportions, as i hear the kids say these days), or maybe they got the Doom 3 devs to make this new installment, but otherwise… Matsuri da!!

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  1. Link says:

    C76 will have Touhou circles in five digits. Calling it now.

  2. gwern says:

    No, looks like the best estimate for C76 is 1739 circles. The circle wasn’t growing *that* fast: consider C72-C74, which went 558->793->885, then C75 at 1350; so it was not quite doubling (and don’t forget Reitaisai draining off circles), and then C76 would be <3k, which it was.

    As far as I can tell, Touhou peaked at C80 with 2808 circles and R9 with 5058 circles.

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