Maikaze Takes ZUN’s Advice, Plasters Disclaimers Everywhere, Cancels Signed Scriptbooks at C75

I was going to make a blog post on ZUN’s latest blog entry about restrictions on doujin products and all, but thankfully Sankaku Complex did a slightly alarmist writeup of it zepy actually did a good writeup of it, saving me some work. In fact, I probably don’t need to make this post either, but I really want to procrastinate on this paper for as long as humanly possible.

Anyway, Maikaze now has a new URL, and you may notice that the website has so many disclaimers on it that I’m tempted to say that it’s a bit of a jab at ZUN. I mean, right under the TOUHOU DERIVATIVE DOUJIN ANIME there’s the big bubble that when you click on it says “THIS WORK IS A DERIVATIVE DOUJIN ANIMATION OF TEAM SHANGHAI ALICE’S TOUHOU PROJECT SERIES” and then a big UNOFFICIAL on the right side of the top banner. Well, I guess being thorough never killed anyone. There’s also a news post that stresses several more times that they are not official, just in case you didn’t get the point.

I’m not sure if this is related or not, but the signed copies of the script books that were originally going to be given out at C75 will also not be distributed out of “consideration of their situation at Comiket”, which I guess could mean “to keep people from getting trampled to death/hypothermia from camping out for a week in advance.”

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  1. Shii says:

    i like all the comments from people like “the art blows”, they ought to read touhou wiki to get a flavour of why people like zun’s writing & that’s really what’s at stake here
    put that on your blog rk

    now i put it on your blog for you!!

  2. kransom says:

    it is the magic

    the magic of the blogosphere

  3. kransom says:


  4. Link says:

    ZUN doesn’t want to sell out to the man!

  5. wildarmsheero says:

    hey man sankaku is like my fave blog dude dont be hatin

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