2-in-1 INSTANT REVIEW: Project A-Ko (1986), Mononoke (2007)

seriously, one day I’ll stop writing about things that awo hasn’t talked about that aren’t bartender but

Project A-Ko:
excellently animated popcorn action/comedy that exudes 80s with tits and missiles and explosions and shit for less than what a movie ticket costs, you should probably buy this if you haven’t already

okay, well I just finished my intro to film class like a few days ago so even if there was something bad to say about this show I couldn’t bring myself to, really. because this is an INSTANT REVIEW I will just say that you should watch it and if Geneon was still around I’d say to buy the last disc of Ayakashi because it’s pretty much the same thing and also you should read this guy’s review because he’s more knowledgeable and eloquent about these things than i could ever hope to be

2 Responses to “2-in-1 INSTANT REVIEW: Project A-Ko (1986), Mononoke (2007)”

  1. wildarmsheero says:

    The fact that you finished Mononoke and not Gurren Lagann makes me sad. Then again, I guess you didn’t sub the first ep of Mononoke.

  2. kransom says:

    I’m sure I’ll get around to watching G-L around the same time I watch Haruhi, so maybe when you’re in grad school or something?

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