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Mazinger Z 6-10: Blogging is too hard for me

I didn’t really watch anything at all today. In fact, I don’t really know where most of today went, aside from burning a lot of DVDs and doing some reading. Anyway, since I threatened that I’d do it last post:

Episode 6:
A two pronged attack
Sayaka sucks again but
Has a panty shot

Not much meat here at all. Skim.

Episode 7:
Ashura turns female
Turns the town against Kouji
Zambot 3… again.

You don’t want to fight?
Sayaka, get your shit straight.
That bitch be trippin’.

Oh fuck it’s King Kong
Guess who gets set on fire
Guess who saves the day

This summary is longer, so the episode must be better. Some of the conflict in the episode is like what episode 5 touches on, except it goes a little more in-depth, and it actually affects Sayaka to the point where she doesn’t want to fight. Thankfully, grandpa and little kid deliver passionate burning speeches on why we must fight, and so the day is eventually saved. Overall, a solid episode of old robot animes. Watch.

Episode 8:

Sayaka goes out
Gets her ass kicked by robots
Kouji saves the day.

A girl wants to fight?
They should know better than that.
Chauvinistic pigs.

By this show’s standards, Sayaka might actually be more moé than your average anime girl: tsundere AND uneducated! She might get out of line every once in a while, but because everything she does is doomed to failure, you’ll win her heart in the end! Did I mention goggles and a one-piece pilot suit? Although, considering that the last episode was nothing but SAYAKA, YOU MUST FIGHT, it’s hard to figure out what they’re trying to say here. Oh well, I can’t help myself–Watch.

Episode 9:

Robot Devilman
The doctors get hypnotized
Kouji saves the day

I’ve got a couple of issues with this episode: First off, Dr. Hell’s plan. First make a robot that can re-assemble itself when it gets broken apart, then hypnotize the scientists into letting Mazinger out so that you can re-assemble the robot that’s lying in pieces on the ground to beat up Mazinger in open daylight. I mean, first of all, couldn’t you put Mazinger somewhere where Kouji couldn’t just fly up into it? Second of all, why make your robot with the ability to re-assemble itself when you could just do something like drive Mazinger into wherever your robot is waiting? Or maybe take some of the money you spent for that technology and oh, I don’t know, figure out how to not get killed by breast fire YET AGAIN?. Really, now, Dr. Hell. I’m starting to think that you got your degree in villainology from a diploma mill or something. Skim.

Episode 10

Disembodied hand
Ashura shows up again
Brother gets kidnapped

Oh no, time to fight
Lazily designed robot
Evil rocket punch?!

Now, I complain about the uninspired robot design here, but at least they didn’t do something ridiculous like make an entire series based on the robot. However, this episode is notable in that Sayaka actually does something useful! Since the evil robot this time around apparently doesn’t know that Sayaka’s missiles are completely useless, he uses one of his rocket hands to destroy one of her missiles, allowing Mazinger to FINGER MISSILE him into oblivion. Good job, Sayaka! (`-‘)b Skim.

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