Mirai no Neiro @ Anime Expo 2012

Just like last year, kransom and I will be at AX with D.P.H with new translated Vocaloid PVs and composer guests for you.

The panels are at 5pm Friday for Part 1 and 10am Saturday for Part 2… in other words, conflicting with everything possible. Nevertheless, it’d be lovely if you showed up.

Check back here afterwards for the video list; I actually have plans to post the videos this year too.

I also plan to actually finish writing about C79 at some point, but then I keep not doing it.

4 Responses to “Mirai no Neiro @ Anime Expo 2012”

  1. omo says:

    so did they announce more producers since april?

  2. astrange says:

    Can’t remember what’s been announced, but there should be more than that.

    The videos are Part 1 and talking with the producers is Part 2.

  3. Nick says:

    So can we expect the tracklist up here today or tomorrow? I really want to check out those songs again! It was a really fun panel you guys, great job.

  4. astrange says:

    I haven’t managed to get hold of the song list for Part 2 (the new videos shown by the Ps). I’ll put the rest up tomorrow though.

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