Trip report: Comic Market 79 day 1

Steps to attending Comiket:
1. Go to Japan.
2. Take the train to Kokusaitenjijouseimon. The rest is obvious.

There will be about 100,000 people ahead of you in line who all arrived at 5 AM, but don’t bother with that and just come at 10.1 Do get a SuICa so you don’t have to stand in the ticket machine line. Get a map, or else you’ll get lost:

Mine is a bad example, because I highlighted every single circle in the catalog with an interesting picture (or an especially silly name) and then went straight past most of them.

Day 1 is relatively relaxed, mostly being anime/manga magazine/video game fan comics without any of the major attractions (male-oriented works, female-oriented works, Touhou). I managed to walk around with a group (kransom, shii, world famous chiptune artist Chibi-Tech) without getting lost, which is impossible in the later two days.

There is nothing interesting about the process of buying things, which is all we did, so here’s some things that were bought:

From upper left: a Mazinger comic of some sort by blue labyrinth (also did a newer Shin Mazinger Impact comic that’s not as good), a Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou copy-book, a short Aria book by CramNuts, an SRW book by otentomaru, an ICO anthology that I can’t be bothered to actually read, and a Yotsuba! book by, apparently, Do well!!!.

otentoumaru is a great circle, but half of their books are Sanger/Irui and the other half are Sanger x Irui, and it’s impossible to tell which from the covers, so make sure to check inside first. Also, a few of these turned out to be reprints because I forgot to ask which was the new work.2

I’ve been checking catalogs for a few years and there were always a few YKK circles, but these days it seems to be down to one or two, so it’ll probably be gone entirely in the future. Unless it’s reduced to people doing increasingly strange joke comics like Lain.

For some reason Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei doujin exist but are universally very badly drawn.

Unfortunately never got a chance to visit cosplay, or do much of anything but walk around the East Halls all day for the entirety of the event. Maybe in the future… but do I really want to own any more doujin?

Shii’s report

I’m going to have to go back to my diary to confirm what I did on this day. … Apparently I did not actually write any coherent sentences in my diary when I was in Tokyo. Instead, I have scribbled the words “wait in line” and “Akiba”. This was the day I held everyone up by waiting in line at the VisualArt’s booth. Important lesson for future Comiket visitors: The best time to get in line for an industry booth is at 5am or 2pm. The worst time is at noon; this is when all the ronery otaku leave the artist’s halls and decide it’s time to stand by themselves for some Nanoha goodness. Anyway, I waited in line for 3 hours to pick up a CD for my friend Mike. Afterwards we all went to Yoshinoya for dinner. Did MVB mention that? No. OK.

Other exciting things. If you arrive at Comiket at 10 the line will be slowly vanishing as people file into the Big Sight. I imagine 10:30 is optimal arrival time if you don’t have any super important things to wait in line for. Also, if you don’t use some sort of software to plan what circles to visit, you are insane.

The Card Captor Sakura and Rozen Maiden selection in December 2010 was nothing to write home about, but there are good Azumanga/Yotsubato universe doujins that don’t get resold at Toranoana, so look out for those.

Impress your friends with Comiket knowledge!

  1. The largest demographic at Comiket is 25-29 year old women. (s)
  2. Comiket used to be ~75% female. More recently it has grown closer to 60% female. (s)
  3. Pornography does exist at Comiket, but only consists of about 20% of the total amount of works. (s)
  4. As is the case with anime and manga in general, hardcore/perverted works at Comiket are often drawn and published by women. (You can confirm this by walking around Comiket.)

kransom’s report
Steps to attending Comiket:
1. Go to Japan.
2. Take the train to Kokusaitenjijouseimon. The rest is obvious.

Steps to succeeding at Comiket:
Repeat steps 1 and 2 until desired effect is achieved.

  1. Unless you want to go to an industry booth. なのは完売 []
  2. 新作 shinsaku []

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  1. Unfinished stories « MangaBlog says:

    […] News from Japan: Kadokawa is launching a new manga magazine that will start out with five anime-based series. Welcome datacomp has a trip report on Comiket 79. […]

  2. 7575 says:

    Love the facts, love the sources even more. Thx for teaching me shit.

  3. Ortort says:

    Um… I have a fairly long list of questions. I’m sorry.

    – If porn is only 20% of the works at Comiket, what constitutes the rest? Is it mostly doujinshi about pre-existing works by other creators?
    – Are there completely original works? Are there notable circles or creators of original works whose products are primarily distributed at Comiket?
    – Does any aspect of Comiket resemble independent/small press comics conventions in the United States? Are there “indie” creators whose work isn’t concerned with fandom?

  4. astrange says:

    Most Comiket circles are fan comics for other works. Besides that, there are original literary works, reference books, technical guidebooks, literary criticism, music, accessories (buttons and stuff) and video games. Circles apply as specific genres, so you can count all this from the catalog. The original works are split up the way comics are usually discussed (shoujo, shounen, etc.) but I actually have the feeling most of it is text so you never hear about it.

    Some data here:
    I’ll post more about this later if I remember.

    I’m sure there are some people who make a significant income from original doujin works but I don’t know what kind.

    I have no idea what a small press comic convention is like, except all the ones I’ve seen have really amateurish art. As for the last question, I think there was a plotline about that in “Otaku no Musume-san”.

  5. BakaTanuki says:

    I am interested in the Yotsuba doujin.

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