Afternoon Four Seasons Award (Shiki-shō) Information + Notable Recipients List

If you’re a follower of anime and manga news online, you might notice that a couple of times a year, articles are posted here and there announcing the winners of major manga prizes/awards like the Kodansha Award, the Shogakukan Award, the Japan Cartoonists Association Award, The Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, and so on. As some of you know (especially with the release of Bakuman), magazines also run newcomers’ awards in order to discover and encourage talented creators. These generally (and rather understandably) escape the notice of most people. With the apparent increase in English-language manga fans interested in what may have once been esoterica for fans over here like what magazine a given series ran in (I bet the majority of you could tell me what magazine Yotsubato! runs in!), I thought that folks might find some information on some of these awards to be interesting or useful.

For no reason other than the fact that I’ve seen its name pop up a lot recently while browsing the web, I’ve decided to start with the Afternoon Four Seasons Award, also known as the Shiki Award or Shiki-shō. Unsurprisingly, the Afternoon Four Seasons Award is awarded four times a year by Kodansha’s monthly seinen manga magazine Afternoon. The award was announced in the very first issue (the 1987/2 edition) of Afternoon, published in December of 1986.

The Four Seasons Award is unusually open with regards to restrictions on the work to be entered. The submitted work can be any genre, and as many pages as the author wants, though during its early days there was a thirty-page limit, instituted until the magazine itself broke 1000 pages a month in the summer of 1993. (Hiroaki Samura won the first award with no page limits with an entry entitled Blade of the Immortal. Perhaps you may have heard of it.) Authors who submit short works with fewer than 16 pages are now asked to submit two or more works, and 4-panel strip authors are asked to submit 10 or more strips, and authors submitting full-color manga are asked to make their work’s page length a multiple of 4, and 32 or fewer pages, though if the works submitted are 4 or 8 pages long, two or more works are requested. Around 150-200 works are submitted during each award period. There are no restrictions on who can submit a work for consideration (professionals are allowed). Submitted manuscripts are all returned to their authors after they have been judged for the contest.

While the award was initially judged by only the Afternoon editorial department, beginning in 1994, the award also began featuring one judge for each season who is an established manga author. At this time that this system was established, the judges were chosen as follows:
Spring, Ueyama Tochi1 (Cooking Papa)
Summer, Taniguchi Jiro (The Times of Botchan, The Walking Man)
Fall, Ikegami Ryoichi (Crying Freeman, Mai the Psychic Girl)
Winter, Kawaguchi Kaiji (The Silent Service, Zipang)

With the exception of Ikegami, who was replaced by Hagio Moto (Poe no Ichizoku, They Were Eleven) in 2008, the judges have remained unchanged.

The awards currently given out are as follows:
Four Seasons Grand Prize: 900,000 yen.
Judge’s Special Award: 600,000 yen.
Four Seasons Award: 600,000 yen.
Runner-up: 300,000 yen.
Honorable Mention: 150,000 yen.
Editorial Department Encouragement Award: Commemorative prize.

When the prize was first established, the Judge’s Special Award was not given out as there were yet to be featured judges. Additionally, the grand prize only awarded 800,000 yen, though this was changed at some point before 1999. Other details regarding the award’s prize structure during its early period are unknown to me.

Every contest has awarded a grand prize, and every grand prize-winning work has been published in Afternoon. Winners of the regular Four Seasons Award as well as the Judge’s Special Award are also often published, while works in other categories are published on occasion. Beginning with the winter 2005 contest, Afternoon has begun including a separate pamphlet called “Afternoon Four Seasons Award Portable,” where 2-4 works other than the grand prize-winning work are published.

On to the winners. While I’d love to make a full list of every award-winning work, that would take around 100 more hours than I want to spend on this post, so I’ve stuck to just listing the winners that are listed on the Japanese Wikipedia page. The requirements to be listed on the Japanese Wikipedia page are that an author has a commercially published volume out, is currently being serialized in a commercial magazine, or is wikinotable in some way outside of manga. I have tried to include links to informative pages about an award-winning author when available, as well as a couple of representative or major works. When I’ve been able to, I’ve added other recently notable artists onto the list when I could pick them out or google them. Though it is listed in the award announcements, I have not included what prefecture the author is from. My apologies. Finally, romanization of titles and names may be inconsistent (I’m too tired and not being graded enough to use macrons), so please feel free to leave a comment if you need clarification or can offer a correction.


“Miseinen” by Tsuchida Seiki (Henshuu-ou, Giragira) – Four Seasons Award

“Gotavoice” by Takahashi Tsutomu (Jiraishin, Skyhigh) – Runner-up

“O! Tanaka-kun Daijoubu” by Nakada Hiroo. – Four Seasons Grand Prize. Would go on to be serialized from 1987/11 to 1989/1.

“Straight” by Matsumoto Taiyo (Black and White, GoGo Monster) – Runner-up

“Lapin Agile de Choushoku wo” by Ino Nobuhiro (draws doujin under the names Inono and Tadakusa Masamu, does professional erotic manga under the name Suzuki Shigeru) – Runner-up. Also received an Honorable Mention in the Spring 1987 contest for “Seikimatsu no Line Dance.”

“Kareki no Yami Kara” and one other work by Ogawa Takaaki. (Byoubyou, Shin-Kyouryuu) – Honorable Mention

“Last Message” by Nanase Ayumu (Ichigo no A, My Girl) – Honorable Mention

“Neko no Te Kashimasu” by Irie Noriko (large range of mostly Josei titles) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Wasurenagusa to Monshirochou” by Kobayashi Toshihiko (Parallel, Pastel) – Honorable Mention

“Ruri-iro no Sora” by Aiba Hiroaki – Honorable Mention


“Gokigen Naname!” by Koshiba Tetsuya (Remote, Deep Love Real) – Honorable Mention. Koshiba also received an honorable mention for “A*So*Ko no Futari in the Spring 1987 contest.

“Tsurezure naru ga Punk” Sueda Yuuichirou (Eki-in Johnny, Showa no Chuubou) – Honorable Mention

“Oni ga Waita” by Don Isana (Sharin, published in Afternoon from 1989/3-1989/11.) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Ronin Heartbreak!” by Ootagaki Yasuo (Moonlight Mile) – Honorable Mention

“Mori no Kokage de Donjara-hoi” by Nakazawa Shinobu – Honorable Mention

“Shounen-ou ni Shiroi Kumo” by Sudou Masumi (Niwasaki Annai, Furisode Ichima) – Runner-up

“Okusama Shinkaron” by Akizuki Risu (OL Shinkaron) – Honorable Mention

“Ridatsu” by Nakayama Masaaki (Fuan no Tane, Police Station Rashomon) – Runner-up


“Hachigatsu no Hikari” by Arai Hideki (The World is Mine, Kichi!!) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Western Carnival” by Hiromoto Shin-ichi (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Hells Angels) – Honorable Mention

“Golden Lucky” by Enomoto Junji (Golden Lucky, The Family Zoo – Honorable Mention

“A Mess on a Weekend” by GONTA (Kingu Gonta) (Souten Kouro) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Haikibun! Sakana-hime” by Irie Kiwa (Nonchan Noriben, Akogare, Showa no Otoko) – Four Seasons Award

“Maa, Iika!” by Hiramatsu Mitsuru (Agnes Kamen, Asagiro) – Honorable Mention


“Higan to Shigan to no Aida de” by Aoki Yuuji (Naniwa Kinyuudou) – Runner-up

“Namide Nanka Iranai” by Oka Naohiro (aka Sorge Ichizo, Zolge Ichizo, Okano Tetsu) (Producer/director of games including Segagaga, Astro Boy: Atom Heart no Himitsu, Thunder Force 6 – Runner-up

“Honto no Kimochi” by Yamazaki Hiroshi (Now known as Yamazaki Housui, artist for The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service and creator of MAIL. – Runner-up

“Funensei Haikibutsu” by Mizuta Kyouryuu (Houkago Kitchen, Pumpkin Buruma) – Honorable Mention

“Shouteki Ningen” by Taguchi Tamayuki (Battle Royale, Black Jack Neo) – Four Seasons Award

“Hakoniwa Ouji” by Fukushima Satoshi (Shounen Shoujo, Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin) – Runner-up

“Rock and Roll Igai wa Zembu Uso” by Kaneko Atsushi (BAMBi, Soil) – Runner-up

“Virgin Blues” by Minami Q-ta (Sayonara Midori-chan, Oribe) – Honorable Mention


“Can’t Laugh” by Kubota Makoto (Gogo! Purin Teikoku, Tentai Senshi Sunred) – Honorable Mention

“Kaitai Otoko” by Satou Yoshio (Tekkou no Hito) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Meitantei ni wa Narenai Keredo” by Matoba Ken (Psycho Doctor, Massugu Ten E) – Runner-up

“Home Range” by Sugawara Masayuki (Ushi no Oppai, Gyouseiki) – Runner-up

“Mamijirochou” by Shiina Shinao (Title ran in Afternoon from 1992/2 to 1992/9 issue) – Four Seasons Award Winner

“Mozoo” by Yasuda Hiroyuki (Amino-san to Asabou, Rabipapa) – Honorable Mention

“Kouseishou Girl” by Takeuchi Akira (Garcia-Kun) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Hebi wo Kau Onna” by Taketomi Kenji (Suzuki-Sensei) – Runner-up

“Sakana” by Oda Hideji (A Patch of Dreams, Miyori no Mori) – Honorable Mention (also received an honorable mention in Summer 1992 for “Houmon”)

“Hito no Yo Youkaidan” (2 chapters) by Tan Xiaoyong (Picture book creator) – Honorable Mention


“Kedamono no You ni” by Shibuzou (now known as Hikochi Sakuya) – Honorable Mention

“Kiringupara no Ia” by Matsunaga Toyokazu (Bakune Young) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Han Kikai Seimeitai” and 2 other works, Shintani Akihiro (Various works for Comic Beam, Mirai-san) – Runner-up

“Hanako-san Kiki Ippatsu” by Kitamichi Masayuki (Puu-neko, Sukatan Yarou) – Honorable Mention


“Boku wa Otouto” by Ohara Shinji (The Daughter of Twenty Faces, Sumire Gahou) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“YOKO vs” by Kuwabara Shinya (R-16) – Four Seasons Award

“Nono” by Kouno Fumiyo (Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms, Kono Sekai no Katasumi Ni) – Honorable Mention

“Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no Juunin)” by Samura Hiroaki (Blade of the Immortal, various short stories) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Zakuro no En” by Ogawa Koushin (Embryo, Kanranchan) – Four Seasons Award

“Ka” and three other titles, by Kuroda Iou (Sexy Voice and Robo, Nasu) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Kurogane” by Kei Toume (Kurogane, Lament of the Lamb, Sing Yesterday for Me) – Four Seasons Award

“Keisatsusho-cho Miriam” by Kouya Takahiko (Serialized in Afternoon from 1994/1 to 1995/12) – Honorable Mention

“Ohayashi ga Kikoeru Hi” and one other work by Igarashi Daisuke (Children of the Sea) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Inchiki Yarou” by Matsumoto Komatsu (Now known as Suzuki Yuka) (Ouchi de Gohan, various light novel illustrations) – Four Seasons Award

“Kodoku no Oto” by Yoshikai Kanji (Omoide no Aji Tairiku Shokudou, Tajikarao)


“Morita-san no Koto” and one other work by Katou Shingo (Aa Nippon Katsudou Daishashin) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou” by Ashinano Hitoshi (Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Kabu no Isaki) – Four Seasons Award

“Sonna Yatsua Inee!!” by Komai Yuu (Sonna Yatsua Inee!!) – Honorable Mention

“Chichi he no Tegami” by Yamagawa Naoto (Coffee mou Ippai, Choukoudou Shujin) – Honorable Mention

“Genomes” by Aramaki Keiko (Genomes, Sphinks) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Ten no Ryouiki ~ Hasekura Keita no Kaihatsuten no Koto~” by Kio Shimoku (Genshiken, Shigopuri) – Four Seasons Award

“Sorimachi Kun Niwa Kanojo Ga Inai” by Yukawa Tasuku (Kanojo to Date) – Four Seasons Award

“Deep Freeze” by Otoyoshi Kurewo (Sugar&Spice) – Runner-up

“Ame no Furu Basho” by ABe Yoshitoshi (Haibane Renmei, Serial Experiments Lain) – Runner-up

“Sei-fuguri Daigaku Nihonkou Hachiouji Campus” by Shinjou Takane (now known as Matsurioka Hideyuki) (Shanguraddo Shinki) – Runner-up

“Yume ni Fuku Kaze” by Dohtaka Shigeru (Moerichi, Doujin Hakkenden) – Honorable Mention

“Owarinaki Akumu” by Iwase Masatsugu (manga for Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny) – Four Seasons Award

“Mujou no Mori” by Aman Kazutoshi (Souri wo Korose, Gadara no Buta) – Honorable Mention

“Giganoise Museum” by Murano Koudai (?) (now known as Rareko) (Kuwagata Tsumami, Yawaraka Sensha) – Honorable Mention


“Down Toulouse” by Yamaue Shougatsu (Lupin III Y) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Kemuri to Kimyou na Sukima” by Matsumoto Jirou (Freesia, Little Feet) – Runner-up

“Jump” by Ooizumi Gekkou (now known as Koizumi Tomohiro) (Seishun Ougon Bat, Tokoro de Koko Doko?) – Runner-up

“Nigun (Farm) Konchuuki” by Mori Tadatoshi (Nigun (Farm) Konchuuki – ran in Afternoon from 1995/10-1999/5) – Runner-up

“Megami no Bishou-gai”(?) by Kugo Naoko (Makai Tenshou, Yumeyume Onmyouji Kidan) – Honorable Mention


“Doromon” by Okamoto Kazuhiro (Translucent) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Amaterasu!” by Sanbe Kei (Nanako-san-teki no Nichijou, Testarotho, Kamiyadori) – Runner-up

“Kaze no Kisetsu” by Soramimi Kurosuke (now known as Iwashita Shigeyuki) (Joousama ga Ippai, Houkago Sentai Gotakkii) – Honorable Mention

“Lolicop” by Matsutou Tomoki (Ecstasy bomber, Donna H Demo Shiteageru, other eromanga) – Honorable Mention

“Jagua” by Kiba Kouichi (Fruits, Mariogun) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“BLAME” by Nihei Tsutomu (BLAME!, Biomega) – Taniguchi Jiro Special Award

“Vendemiaire no Migite” by Kitoh Mohiro (Shadow Star, Bokurano) – Runner-up

“Gakusei Yakuza” by Onamada Emi (now known as Namie Odama (Junjo Pine, Shonen Esper Nejime) – Honorable Mention

“B-kyu Manga Hoka” by Takekura Yamato (now known as Kanehira Morihito) (Kanehira Gekijou, Kanehira de CHU)2 – Honorable Mention

“Kitto Kawaii Onnanoko Dakara” (“Because You’re Definitely a Cute Girl”) by Endo Hiroki (Eden, various short works, All Rounder Meguru) – Four Seasons Grand Prize. Also won the Four Seasons Award in the previous contest (fall 1995) for “Karasu to Shoujo to Yakuza” (published in English as “The Crows, the Girl and the Yakuza”)

“Kuroi Ken” by Amatatsu Mutsuki (now known as Amatatsu Satoaki (街刃-GAIJIN-) – Honorable Mention


“Hanako” by Ishizaka Kazumichi (Echigo Arakawa-dou Yawa) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Negai no Hoshi” by Tenhiro Naoto (Sister Princess (art), Princess Maker 4) – Runner-up

“Bannin no Hanten” by Isomoto Tsuyoshi (Tokyo Crater no Akari, Tokyo Okutama no Hikari) – Runner-up

“Yashinomi” by Nishikawa Taku (Boku to Ousama) – Four Seasons Award

“Yoga no Princess Pretty Yoga” by Inatome Seigi (Yoga no Princess Pretty Yoga) – Runner-up (also received honorable mention in Summer 1994 contest for “Joousama to Oyobi”)

“Lunch no B” by Shin Emon (G-kumi no G) – Honorable Mention

“Spoonman 3.18” by Emu Ei (now known as Asano Torao / Asada Trawar) (Quiz, Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakase-tachi) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Ookami no Hitomi” by Iwahara Yuuji King of Thorn, Darker than Black character designs) – Four Seasons Award (also awarded the Four Seasons Award in summer 1996 for “Hebi,” Runner-Up in the Four Seasons Award in fall 1995 for “Concourse” and honorable mention in fall 1994 for “9-man Kounen no Alice”)

“Kamen Tenshi” by Wakana Shouhei (Kamen Tenshi) – Four Seasons Award


“Buta-ou” by Oonishi Kouichi (Otenba Tamahimesama!, Joka JOKER) – Four Seasons Award

“Chuck no Aru Fuukei” by Hakanai Kazuyo (now known as Yosuteinu) (Dog Man) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Kaneko-san” by Sato Shuuhou (Say Hello to Black Jack, Umizaru) – Runner-up (also received runner-up in spring 1997 for “Promised Land”, runner-up in winter 1996 for “Taijikaku”, and runner-up in fall 1996 for “Hamaguchi”)

“Rabid Riot” by Keishi Masaki (B-Boy Blues, Dino Saur) – Honorable Mention

“Sofa-chan” by Hayashida Q (Dorohedro, Maken X Another) – Runner-up

“Nikujin Tokkyu” by Sugiyama Minoru (illustrator, animator – Honorable Mention

“Bird Cage” by Yamashita Hiroyuki (now known as Kaidou Hiroyuki) (Tales of Innocence, Onmyou Taisenki) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Kobe Zaijuu” by Kimura Nakaji (now known as Kimura Kon) (Kobe Zaijuu, Karan) – Four Seasons Award

“Tsukiyo no Mort Vivant” by Kosai Takayuki (Shuusen no Lorelei, Calamity Head, illustrator who replaced Yoshikazu Yasuhiko for Gundam Unicorn novels) – Four Seasons Award

“Guitarman” by Iwasaki Kotarou (Kodansha Gakushuu Comic Atom Pocket Jinbutsukan series) – Runner-up


“Yasashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata” by Shinofusa Rokurou (Natsu no Kumo, Mozuya-san Gyakujou Suru) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Obaasan no Sweater” by Matsuda Akihiro (Chiyuki be cool!) – Ueyama Matochi Special Award

“Yuku Tokoro” by Higuchi Asa/Arthur (Ookiku Furikabutte, Yasashii Watashi) – Four Seasons Award

“Rakkasei” by Momiji Taku (various short works published) – Four Seasons Award

“Yuutsuu Suberidai” by Manabe Shohei (Smuggler, Yamikin Ushijima-kun) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Kagekiri Otoko wo Meguru Bouken” by Inuzuka Kousei (now known as Shouji Hiroyuki) (Kagefumi-san, various short works) – Taniguchi Jiro Special Award (also won Runner-up in winter 1998 for “Omocha no Cha Cha Cha”)

“Mushishi” by Urushibara Yuki (Mushishi, Waters) – Four Seasons Grand Prize


“Oyasuminasai” by Fukuya Jouji (now known as Unno Hotaru (site NWS) (Yume Juuya, various adult manga) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Ana Horu Hitobito” by Kurihara Takashi (Kagaku Ninja-kun) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Gurade” by Kumakura Takatoshi (Mokke, Sanchome ga Sensou Desu) – Runner-up (also received honorable mention in spring 1997 for “Kanwa ‘Wakadannna-teki Kyuudou'” and runner-up in fall 1996 for “Pacte”)

“Shinu ni wa Ii Hi da” by Takizawa Maya (now known as Kashima Maya) (Yuruyuru Neneko-chan, Gakuen Yume Tantei Baku) (also received honorable mention in winter 2000 for “Atelier C” and in winter 2001 for “taboo”)


“Tombo” by Kanbara Norio (Nishi-kou Janbaka Retsuden Kahori-san) – Four Seasons Award (also received runner-up in fall 1999 for “Nyako to…”

“Happy End” by Ooishi Hiroto (Houtai Club, Snake Kari) – Ueyama Tochi Special Award

“Hero” by Ishiguro Masakazu (Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, various short works) – Four Seasons Award

“Sweet Scrap” by Kizuki Akira (Yoiko no Mirai!, Usotsuki Paradox) – Runner-up (also received honorable mention in spring 2000 for “Hari to Orange”)

“Ordinary+-” by Takahashi Keitarou (Jormungand) – Runner-up

“Nemuri-hime” by Soumoto Iwao (now known as Soumoto Sou) (Jugai) – Kawaguchi Kaiji Special Award

“Youkoso Kangofu-chou” by Kusumoto Hiroki (Kyuuketsuki no Shouzou, Magamagashiki Kemono no Yuku Hate wa) – Honorable Mention


“Seisha no Kizu” by Jinbo Shouichirou (now known as Kirie Masanobu (nws)) (Leviathan, Yakuya no Kabane) – Runner-up (also received honorable mention in summer 2002 for
“Denpa-tou no Mahouzukai”)

“Hikkoshitte” by Fujieda Misaki (now known as Fujieda Namie) (Yumeiro Oniichan, Kawatteru kara Komaru) – Honorable Mention (also received honorable mention in spring 2000 for “Watashi no Suki na Oono-kun “and 2 other works)

“Nichijou ni Ikiru Shoujo” by Hakamada Mera (Saigo no Seifuku, Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majo) – Runner-up (also received honorable mention in winter 2000 for “Natsu no Uchuu” and in spring 2001 for “Uchuu ni Tonde Ikitee-”

“Ryouma” by Miyashita Hiroki (Seigi Keikan Monju, Kyousei Hero) – Honorable Mention

“remain” by Kashiwabara Mami (Sora no Manimani, Fortune Ring) – Four Seasons Award (also awarded Kawaguchi Kaiji Special Award in winter 1996 for “Hello Dear”)

“Robot” by Sahara Mizu (now known as Yumeka Sumomo (manga adaptations of Makoto Shinkai works, Same Cell Organism) – Honorable Mention

“Strange Kiwi” by Washio Naohiro (mech designer for Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Fafner, Stellvia) – Honorable Mention


“Love Roma” by Toyoda Minoru (Love Roma, Tomodachi 100nin Dekiru Kana) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Liza no Hidarite” by Ooba Kenya (Tomonen) – Honorable Mention

“Bukimi Yokochou” by Tomii Masako (Nou R Gyuru, Magorobo) – Taniguchi Jiro Special Award

“Tekkyou” by Naitou Terunosuke (?) (Radiohead) – Four Seasons Award (also awarded honorable mention in winter 2002 for “Mousou Hime” and the Taniguchi Jiro Special Award in Summer 2003 for “Futari”

“Shounen yo Taishi wo Idake” by Nishiyama Tomoko (now known as Nishiyama Yuta) (Fashion Leader Imai Shotaro) – Runner-up (also received honorable mention in winter 2001 for “Nemureru Umi”)

“Harou Work” by Iwaoka Hisae (Saturn Apartments, Shiroi Kumo) – Honorable Mention

“Aozora” by Akiyama Haru (Suzume Suzunari, Octave) – Four Seasons Grand Prize (also received runner-up in winter 2000 for “Natsuyasumi”)

“Tsuki no Waguma Koroshiya” by Hisa Masato (Jabberwocky, Greatful Dead) – Four Seasons Award (also received honorable mention in summer 2000 for “Shokuyoku-jima,” fall 2000 for “Yuugen Yasoukyoku,” and summer 2002 for “Senkaku no Rei”, and runner-up in Summer 2001 for “Kamaitachi no Hi,” and winter 2001 for “Aru Adauchi no Hanashi”

“Shitaisagashi” by Furomae Ari (Peshi) – Runner-up (also received honorable mention in winter 2003 for “Marginal Utility” and runner-up in spring 2004 for “an ordinary life”


“Goggles” by Toyoda Tetsuya (Coffe Jikan, Slider, Undercurrent) – Four Seasons Grand Prize (also runner-up in spring 1989 for “Norainu no Inai Machi ni Sumitai”)

“Wasureru Hitsuji” by Okado Tatsuya (DoLL) – Four Seasons Grand Prize (also won the Four Seasons Award for winter 2002 with “Utakata”)

“Boku no Hirotta Neko” by Seo Hiroshi (Ubunchu!) – Runner-up (also received honorable mention in fall 2002 for “Kimen Rakuga”)

“In the Mood Deluxe” by Yoshinaga Ryuuta (Chinomi) – Runner-up (also runner-up in fall 2002 for “Watashi wo Yomu?” and 2 other submissions)

“Chichi-iro no Umi” by Tsuru Daisaku (Nachun) – Honorable Mention

“Seishun Nenkin” by Ishide Den (Real World, Watashi to Iu Neko) – Honorable Mention (also received honorable mention in summer 2003 for “Love From Boy”)


“Parahora Paranoia Horizon” by Ayamura Kirihito (Red Garden manga, Kamaitachi Satsujin Jiken) – Four Seasons Award

“Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan” by Takinami Yukari (Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan, Onna mo Takenawa) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Rock and Roll Hospital!” by Kodama Yuuki (Asobiba, Blood Raddo) – Honorable Mention


“Amon Game” by Uki Atsuya (Cencoroll) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Wegener no Kyojin” by Hamana Una (Oh! Edo Rocket manga) – Taniguchi Jiro Special Prize

“Nekoze no Yoake Mae” by Yamashita Tomoko (Kuimonodokoro Mingaku, Koi no Kokoro) – Four Seasons Award (also awarded runner-up in summer 2004 for “edge of her” and 1 other work and in winter 2004 for “Satanic Sweet”

“Bin no Naka no Kaeru” by Tanifuji Mitsuru (Bin no Nakano Kaeru, Hibi Utsuroi) – Four Seasons Award (also received Four Seasons Award in fall 2007 for “Hibi Utsuroi”, runner-up in spring 2004 for “Roji Uramachi no Hiyoko”

“Soutaiteki Kousoku Ryokou” by Kijima Tenshin (Kumamagoto, Nekoman) – Ikegami Ryoichi Special Award

“Traveller” by Imai Tetsuya (HHACS!, Animanics!) – Four Seasons Grand Prize (also received runner-up in summer 2005 for “Yuriko-san, Miteimasuka”)

“Joou no Kizu” by Shinozaki Tsukasa (art) and Akino Meguru (story) (Shin Sangokushi Raitei no Gotoku) – Kawaguchi Kaiji Special Prize


“Mushi to Uta” by Ichikawa Haruko (Mushi to Uta) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Yumeutsutsu, Yume” by Tsurimaki Nodoka (Mimoza Koukou Bunkasai, Kuon no Mori) – Runner-up

“Yoshida-ke no Chi” by Nakajima Morio (Yoshida-ke no Chisuji) – Runner-up


“Kiremon” by Dou☆Manpuku (Hirefushi) – Four Seasons Grand Prize

“Akago” by Oikawa Yumi (The Brothers Karamazov) – Taniguchi Jiro Special Prize

“Majo ga Tondari Tobanakattari” by Oota Moare (Teppuu, Toshidensetsu da yo Toshiko-san) – Four Seasons Grand Prize (also received the Four Seasons Award in spring 2007 for “Noroware Clone”)

“Working Robota” by Nomura Ryouma (Bentora Bentora) – Four Seasons Award (also received honorable mention in fall 2003 for “Kaimono Buki” and one other work)


“Kaette Oide” by Isaki Uta (Sayabito)

Sources: (now down) and a lot more wikipedia

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