About some anime conventions [1/2]

I went to them, you know.

First, I went to MomoCon, a free convention at Georgia Tech where nothing happened. Luckily, attending it involved walking about five minutes, so that wasn’t much of a loss. (although I did buy a shirt for some guy who hasn’t paid me back yet, oops)

They’re apparently getting a bit too popular, so this year they developed a (pretty much meaningless) attendance cap. This was implemented by having four different lines in two buildings all labeled “registration” so you had no idea where to go. Other changes included the room with some guy’s doujin game PC on a projector being replaced with a room where three guys played the Miku PSP game over TV link on a projector, and also the room where they played Photon Space Sailer [sic] Starlight Odin being replaced with this:

Now, the only episode I saw of Element Hunters was pretty dangerous, but that could use some work.
At least the future is in safe hands(?):

Some other dumb pictures here. I’ll try to write up Anime Boston before I forget it…

Update: I forgot I found a copy of eternal fighter zero for $5. I’ll probably never play it, I’d have to finish Melty Blood story mode first and that’ll never happen.

4 Responses to “About some anime conventions [1/2]”

  1. Sasa says:

    Oh this is so lovely, especially when I recognize the student center in your pictures. It’s too bad I was out of town during that time (but then again, I would never have stayed in Atlanta because of Momocon after all).

  2. shobon says:

    That Yaoi shirt is perfect. Replace that girl with the big dog and we’re talking. Would like to see how Anime Boston went as I opted out of going to that this year.

  3. astrange says:

    I met some people who traveled for it. Weird people, but they do live in Florida and I guess it’s still better than Florida cons.

  4. Misuzu says:

    woo! efz!

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