2ch Selections, “The Most Unforgivable Incidents in Anime History”

, as chosen by 2ch and condensed into readable format by Kajisoku, who I don’t feel all too bad about stealing content from because affiliate blog lol

There were a whole lot of incidents I had no idea about, but first, the standard host of “incidents” that you’d expect in a thread like this:

  • The first post is, of course, “Nagi-sama virginity incident” (quickly followed by “the ‘incident’ part was the people who posted in response to the manga, right?”)
  • Electric Soldier Porygon incident
  • episode 4 of Gurren-Lagann (lol)
  • a pretty exhaustive list of Yashiganis (1, 2, 3, 4, Valanoir
  • Asuna’s cremation in Negima!
  • The existence of Tsuyokiss (or maybe it was all a dream…)
  • The existence of the Idolm@ster anime
  • The existence of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
  • The existence of Buddha Saitan
  • The ending of Kashimashi TV
  • Endless Eight
  • etc etc

Stuff like that makes up a good half of the thread or so. However, the other half is full of hilarious stuff that may have otherwise been lost to my poor memory and the straits of time!

  • Red tinting on the Japanese Spirited Away DVD release (English article, image)
  • TV Tokyo pushes back Inukami episode due to world table tennis championships running long, man who set his recorder to automatically tape Inukami during the normal time slot sends cremated remains to TV Tokyo in protest (article)
  • Episode 26 of Animentary Ketsudan, a right-leaning 1971 historical anime series where the first 25 episodes are about important decisions made during World War II, becomes an episode about Kawakami Tetsuharu’s decisions as the manager of the Yomiuri Giants. Apparently the episode was originally going to be on the final days of the war, but mounting pressure by parent groups over the program’s politics lead to the change.
  • Nippon TV, Tatsunoko Pro, and Kuri Ippei are sued by Katsukawa Katsushi over claims that they plagarized his character design in their show Doteraman, temporary pulling the show from the airwaves. (Katsukawa would later lose the suit)
  • Incredible scheduling botch when TBS tries to push Ichigo Mashimaro ep 5 back by 5 minutes in order to air a special live news report on a hurricane. (youtube)
  • Broadcasting error on 8/15/2007 leads to a 65-minute long frozen frame of Sanji’s eyebrow (One Piece) on one channel. Japanese
  • The Musashimaru Tragedy
  • Episode 17 of Samurai Troopers is accidentally broadcast in lieu of episode 18, forcing the production company to shorten the show from 40 episodes to 39.(image)
  • The staff of the Prince of Tennis anime decided to make a staff doujinshi of the series and sell it at summer Comiket 2004, but are forced to give it away for free when the original author takes notice. (scans on nico)
  • Spanish terrestrial broadcast TV channel “La Sexta” airs ero-anime Daiakuji without actually knowing what it is, causes general moral outrage
  • The ending of Might Gaine, where the characters find out that the ultimate enemy is actually Takara and other toy companies. (No really, I’m not kidding)
  • The opening credits of episode 11 of City Hunter 3, broadcast on Christmas Eve 1989, featured a one-frame flash of Aum Shinrikyo leader Asahara Shoko. This was apparently done as an production in-joke, as one-frame insertions like this are present in shows like Urusei Yatsura and Patlabor TV, and there was no backlash at the time. In 1993, Yomiuri TV asked them to remove this for later rebroadcasts as they were afraid that uncredited insertion of living people’s photographs might lead to a image rights issue. However, TBS would later attack Nippon TV over the original sequence during the heated weeks after the Aum sarin gas attacks, saying it was a subliminal message. (Image here, video footage of an indescribably bizarre cult-recruitment tool/Aum video game which features a clip from the video here.)
  • Not in the thread, but related to the above 2 entries: The 6th show in the Yusha/Brave series, The Brave of Gold Goldran (Might Gaine was show #4), had a one-frame flash in the opening credits of the first 13 episodes where, in the background of a scene where the titular robot could be seen, the phrase “An anime that’s easy to make toys out of / by Sunrise” can be seen handwritten in the background. Oh, those crazy disgruntled Sunrise animators! You can catch it at around 1:12 of this video.

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  1. astrange says:

    So were Musashi and Zaizen Jotaro forgivable or what.

  2. kransom says:

    they’re why the bracket isn’t closed on the Yashigani examples

  3. Shii says:

    comment on the porygon youtube:

    “about 2.4 million or billion children and familys watched this 685 children were sent to hospitals with sezuires blindness headaches and other serious or mild effects 2 children were hospitilized for about 2 weeks ”


  4. jpmeyer says:


  5. Jeff says:

    The Tragedy of Musashimaru is gold pure gold once you realize what show it is.

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