I need healthier viewing habits

I just finished watching Shangri-La, which features among many other things:

  • moe main character getting released from jail (possibly moe jail) and changing into a school uniform (there are no schools)
  • M.M.C. running away from her education on how to become the leader of her city’s government/moe mafia/eco-terrorist group
  • a secret organization whose members include C.C. and a few hundred identical men wearing sweater vests
  • a child princess who gets carried on her sedan chair to watch a live fire sniper rifle test
  • 5 minutes straight of nonsense conversation (featuring a child hacker with a teddy bear named Pudding) about how carbon credits are a scam exploiting the poor
  • military officers who send out expeditions entirely so they can shoot random civilians
  • a crossdresser who fights by flirting with men so they immediately drop their weapons and run away in fear

All that and I still can’t figure out if it’s a joke or not.

Now, there’s a lot of stuff confusing the issue here. For one thing, it’s made by Studio GONZO, who somehow managed to make a great-looking show with one of their worst plots yet in the middle of collapsing. Except for a few shows they constantly do stupid completely serious sci-fi and mess it up; there’s no reason to have any faith in them.

The other problem is that it’s a political show, and I don’t think anything about anime politics ever makes sense. Even ignoring regular stuff like how slavery is legal (why didn’t Hisui or Kanon ever go to school aaaargh), I can still read possibly reputable people (even if they did like Index) saying they look forward to Ride-Back’s political themes, and then find out that the plot involves college students fighting against the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT PLAN. Who are terrorists who took over the world. Using motorcycles that can punch people. And I didn’t even bother with Library War, which features two opposing military forces who get their budgets from the same people.

Wait, I forgot what my point was. Anyway, I think I’m going to retreat and rewatch Gunbuster, where the men were men and the script occasionally referenced things from other cultures. Those scenes where they did push-ups in their giant robots were totally serious, OK.

<> the shangri-la girl is in moe prison
<> her prison uniform is a seifuku
< Nakar> "You've been sentenced for crimes against good characterization. How do you plead?" "uguu~" "LOCK HER UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY."
<> this is even more gonzo than linebarrels
<> next they'll make another season of glass fleet

7 Responses to “I need healthier viewing habits”

  1. Evirus says:

    You didn’t mention the boomerangs once. The boomerangs were the only part I didn’t find offensively ridiculous.

  2. Miha says:

    This show will fail because nobody likes spoiled lolis. This includes Kuniko, the FOREX hacker, and the princess.

  3. omo says:

    Nobody? I’m not sure about that.

    Also, a seifuku is not necessarily a school uniform. obviously some people wear it just because they are spoiled lolis. Kind of like your vault 13 jumpsuit or whatever.

    However this is Gonzo[adj.]. I’m not sure it’s more Gonzo than linebarrels, that’s pretty hella Gonzo.

  4. WAHa.06x36 says:

    I kind of liked what they were doing with the cultural elements of the setting. It’s a shame about all the other bits that make no sense at all. Also maybe someone should tell them that tense stand-offs is not the right place to put your comedy bits.

  5. wah says:

    You can’t blame Gonzo for the writing… this time. It’s based on a light novel!

    Also, they’re probably done making the show right now, so it’s not as if they’re making it while they’re dying.

  6. astrange says:

    I thought it was a novel published in 2008, so it might have been simultaneous, but it looks like it was actually 2005.

    But they still chose it, and they’ve been dying for a while, so it’s still their fault.

  7. WAHa.06x36 says:

    Oh, it’s a light novel? That explains it. There’s a certain flavour of ridiculousness that only light novels manage.

    Just look at Library War.

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