Worthless Post about 2ch Rumors on Haruhi S2, Railgun anime, more

I wasn’t going to post this originally since it seemed too out there, but now that Hagaren’s cast has changed I feel marginally more comfortable posting these completely unsourced rumors from a random 2ch post, many of which have already, by pure chance, come true! via yunakiti since I am a busy adult with no time to actually read 2ch

Munto will be 9 episodes long â—‹
Basquash getting aired on 10 channels across Japan, is 2 seasons long â—‹
Strike Witches S2 in 2010, based on the light novel â—‹
April Haruhi airing will be a mix of season 1 and season 2, aired in chronological order
Shangri-La will be 2 seasons long
Asura Cryin’ will be 2 seasons, one in Spring, one in Fall
Seitokai no Ichizon airing in July â—‹
Omamori Himari getting an anime adaptation ○ (this, Seitokai, and SW s2 were posted in late January)
Railgun getting an anime in 2010
The Final Negima OAD won’t be produced by SHAFT (? i might be reading this wrong)
Mangrove doing Seiken no Katanakaji
Many changed voice actors for the new season of Hagaren â—‹
Wolf and Spice s2 in July, 12 eps in all â—‹

I guess we have to sit back and see how this pans out! Maybe it’s all part of Kadokawa’s master plan. even this very blog post.

4 Responses to “Worthless Post about 2ch Rumors on Haruhi S2, Railgun anime, more”

  1. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I will giggle if your Haruhi rumor comes true, mainly because of the part that says it will air in chronological order. I expect that will make a few heads explode in the U.S.

  2. meganeshounen says:

    Omamori Himari and Railgun anime?

    Fuck yeah.

  3. kransom says:

    there’s already a “big announcement” planned for omamori himari as seen http://yunakiti.blog79.fc2.com/blog-entry-2415.html here, which basically either means anime or drama cd, so that should probably be a circle question mark, but still yeah

  4. welcome datacomp » Blog Archive » Railgun Anime: 2ch rumor checklist ++?? says:

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