Touhou 12 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object announced

Master ZUN has taken a break from drinking to post some screenshots for his next game; you can see Reimu’s (nice) boat and some UFOs at his blog:

And it has playable Sanae!

A bad translation, with a guess at the name 東方星蓮船:
A Special Day, Touhou Project #12 Touhou Seirensen
Note: not actually special.

“Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object.”
Unlike the usual, I’ve made some pretty big balancing changes to the scoring system; it should be pretty challenging. I’ve paid close attention* to the difficulty level. It should be pretty easy on Easy(?).

The story is simply put:

“In the early spring of Gensokyo, everyone was talking about the treasure ship they saw fly through the sky. Thinking ‘that’s a good omen’, everyone went chasing after its shadow, looking to be the first to board the ship.”

It doesn’t have a very serious feeling.

With Sanae added, there are now three playable characters. Each of them choose one of two objectives and go chasing after the ship at top speed. The surprisingly non-serious objectives will… but anyway.

The release is planned for 2009 summer. The demo is planned for Reitaisai on March 8th. After you’re tired of the demo you can use it as a nabe stand. The demo will have three stages, as always. Actually the entire game will be “as always”, as always. No matter how old it gets, it still remembers the old days.

* or it could be “I’ve reduced…”, but that’s not likely…

edit: Apparently I can translate but can’t spell the English title.

4 Responses to “Touhou 12 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object announced”

  1. Shii says:

    “Unidentified Fantastic Object” is lamest name of any Touhou game

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, but you’ll always remember it as UFO anyways, just like you remember Subterranean animism as SA.

  3. WAHa.06x36 says:

    Well, it’s “Undefined”, but I am sure people will forever be getting that wrong so no shame in getting in ahead of the curve. Also it’s not all THAT much better that way.

  4. astrange says:

    > It should be pretty easy on Easy(?).

    Actually I’m sure this says something totally different…

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