A worthless link post

Saw these this week and thought they were interesting:

  • Pulp’s guide to Manga Hell, some of which you might be familiar with if you listened to AWO enough. Also proves that Jason Thompson has read so many manga he’s incapable of writing in anything other than list form, like me.
  • Japanese video blogger Akibatsuu interviews ZUN, who is drunk, and famed Touhou doujin artist Randou, who is a white guy(!!!). It’s kind of surprising since a lot of people seem to think ZUN is a racist for some reason, even before that one other blog was popular.
  • Billionaires, a boy’s-love-style biography of the founders of Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle, and how Gates-chan is so moe~
  • Yoshii-san is apparently a character in Battlefield: Bad Company.
  • Takarazuka Revue Phoenix Wright rehearsal

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