Weekly Reminder

While I’m at it:

Only 15 days left to order the Abunai Sisters dvd. Order now, you could be the 216th person to spend what is quickly looking like 34,000 yen on a dvd and an invitation to an ABUNAI private party! Only 234 spots left at the party! This is the best of Sexy comedy. Let’s gather the power of Kano-sister’s fans, and realize our dream. The best team has gathered for the production of this Kano-sister’s DVD.

Actually, I’m pretty shocked that almost 100 people decided to drop the ridiculous amount of cash in just 5 days with the deadline looming. At this rate, they might break even?!?!

3 Responses to “Weekly Reminder”

  1. wah says:

    something abunai is happening

  2. Shii says:

    Now 240 people have ordered it.


  3. good says:

    Something abunai is happening. 265 people spent 34,000 yen.

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