Wani Strikes Again! Gelatin: purupuru color original comics

It seems strange that no one has mentioned this recently, so my apologies if this had been known for years on end:

Wani Magazine has a little bit of info up on their c75 page about what appears to be the successor to ROBOT, their full-color genre-defying anthology full of a lot of my favorite artists. The book’s name is GELATIN, and it is promises us “leading-edge all-original bishoujo comics”. Release date is 2/4, 192 pages (160 color, 32 b+w), B5 size and 1500y.

That alone isn’t enough to get me so excited that I’ll make a blog post about it, though. What does excite me is that Wani managed to bring us another ridiculous lineup of creative and talented illustrators, including some familiar faces from ROBOT. The current lineup:

Naruko Hanaharu
Maeshima Shigeki
Ayakura Juu
John Hathway
huke (ps if you haven’t seen the new pv he did check it out)
Suzumi Atsushi
Houden Eizou
Moriyama Daisuke (can’t find a hp, sorry)
Gorakuin Sakurako (Sekirei manga-ka)
Takamichi (wwwwwww)
Bosshi (aka askray)

in short, GET HYPE

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