Assorted news for 9/20

Trawling around the net, catching up on rss feeds and adding new ones now that I’m actually getting settled in. Some very mildly interesting things that have likely been posted elsewhere:

Lupin: Cagliostro, Secret of Mamo, TV Season 1+2 coming to Blu-ray
5040 per movie, that’s like half the price of what Bandai Visual wants for Honneamise!

Tokyo International Film Festival has a ridiculous anime lineup, why am I stuck in Kyoto
animecs TIFF is doing a Tezuka restrospective and has some bad-ass premieres of “Japanimations” and ungggg

10/18: Marine Express (lol) (digital betacam), Hell’s Angels (premiere, hdcam-sr), Both Rintaro’s Phoenix and Ichikawa’s Phoenix (35mm), Summer Days With Coo (35mm)
10/19: Both Unico movies (hdcam), Shoji Kawamori feature “The Universe of Kawamori Shoji” (!!!)

maybe I’ll just take a week off of school and go to M3 and then go to TIFF!

“Relese” details on the new Ali Project single/op for Kurogane no Linebarrel
Atonal warbling, no one cares, etc

Drunk Germans covering Ghibli film songs: the album
Featuring probably the best cover of this song that will ever be recorded

3 Responses to “Assorted news for 9/20”

  1. mightygerm says:

    how long are you in japan ?

  2. wildarmsheero says:

    Whoa whoa whoa why are you suddenly updating so much.

  3. kransom says:

    mightygerm: until april-mayish

    wah: because I finally had a whole day at home to myself

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