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BREAKING: Popular Doujin Circle Harnesses “Market Forces”

So it turns out that the doujin of cute girls wearing headphones that I bought last winter at the dirt cheap price of 8000 yen is getting a reprint and then some. And KEI is doing an artbook too? What’s the world coming to? Before you know it, all this increased supply will drive those poor, poor scalpers out of business!

(so fucking bitter right now)

update 6/25: new improved moonruneless hyper link

4 Responses to “BREAKING: Popular Doujin Circle Harnesses “Market Forces””

  1. tj han says:

    “Breaking”? Your wallet or your heart?

  2. lss says:

    you have the original!!!

    wha thats not cheap.

  3. kransom says:

    I have the original, yes, but I’d much rather have a reprint and $50 in my pocket to spend on something else marked up to prohibitively expensive prices!

    (Also, 8000 was cheap at the time that I bought it, it was over 10,000 on yaj and in most second-hand stores iirc)

  4. rq says:

    I was lucky enough to grab the first one when it was still fairly cheap, around $30 (excluding all the horrible shipping fees of course). But I’m getting the second one anyway because no headphones no life.

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