14 people stabbed in Akihabara


A 25-year-old yakuza named Tomohiro Kato completely ruined everyone’s day just now, driving into a crowd in Akihabara and then stabbing 15 people, with 5 of them in cardiac arrest. The pointless TV media attention has just been dying down, but now I guess it’ll be back for a while, and even worse. Patrick thinks it’s going to mess up everything, but hopefully it’s going to reflect badly on the Yakuza and not on the Tsukihime remake!?

alex: I’m going to be hearing about this for fucking weeks
alex: holy shit it was right out side the fucking sofmap

Live report from a maid and japanese akibablog

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  1. meganeshounen says:

    Someone I know was there.. and suffice to say, he lost his enthusiasm for Akiba exploring that day…

  2. Necromancer says:

    Anyone else think this is something you’re more likely to see Grand Theft Auto?

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