pictures of hakaba kitarou

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hk3.jpg hk4.png

The visual style is really interesting; it looks like an animated comic (ie, it has the same colors as the only American comic I own, so therefore I’m an expert on it) and the Mononoke-like parchment effect over everything gives the characters just as much detail as the background, which is really unusual for anime. The OP is a pan over a bunch of panels with some hot beats. I hope the script actually goes somewhere; his credits (Pretty Cure) are no Mononoke.

Also Spice and Wolf was good, though being in HD means you can see every flaw in the cheapo in-betweening. For some reason, a bunch of fansub groups without us in them are convinced it’s not actually in HD — maybe we shouldn’t have taught them the word “upscale”. This is why I never believe anyone who says fansubbers are as good as professional translators.

Except a.f.k., of course.

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  1. byrnedhead says:

    Without Chiaki Konaka or Kenji Nakamura, Hakaba Kitarou will be riding on its art director even more than Mononoke did. That’s only a problem if he burns out.

  2. astrange says:

    This blog officially hates Chiaki Konaka. But we love Lain.

  3. kransom says:

    yo i got no beef with the jster dont bring me into this turf war

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