INSTANT REVIEW: nichijou vol. 1

A gag manga featuring quirky girls in school. Though my reasons for buying this are faulty at best (was placed next to Yotsuba& on display, author uses archaic “wi” in name) I was greatly rewarded for my purchase! Of course, I’m not very well-versed in gag manga, so this might be very standard fare, but I do know that it was a hell of a lot easier to read and harder to put down than Gag Manga Biyori, which seemed to benefit strongly from an anime adaptation unless you can read Japanese at like 50 characters/second.

Anyway, quite a few laughs were had, and the art is well-drawn, fun, and kinetic. In other words, this manga is everything that the Sketchbook manga isn’t, and as such I strongly recommend it.

6 Responses to “INSTANT REVIEW: nichijou vol. 1”

  1. astrange says:

    this doesn’t look like azumanga daioh at all

  2. kransom says:

    it looks more like a shaft show than azumanga tbqh

  3. Mandi says:

    Yeah!!! I love this manga too :) I just found the first volume so far. Definitely has the SHAFT feeling, but it feels unique in it’s own way too. I love the dramatic shifts in the art style.

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  5. wah says:

    and 3 years later it turns into a kyoani anime

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