INSTANT REVIEW: Comic Afternoon 2007/12

Plus it has Nazo no Kanojo X and Vinland Saga, and I can whack cockroaches with it. At $8 it’s a great deal.

But I have no idea how you could keep up with these things. It may only come out once a month, but at 1000 pages I’d never finish reading these before there was another one.

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  1. kransom says:

    probably long train rides from your cheap apartment in saitama because you’re just a poor otariman fresh out of school that can’t afford to live in the same prefecture as your job

  2. WAHa.06x36 says:

    Every part of Hato no Oyomesan is apparently exactly like that. I am still unable to decide if it is brilliant or just retarded.

    ヒー イズ トーラー ザン アイって感じだわ!

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