thanks, internet. thinternet. 3/13/07.

Wow, it took me 13 days to do this again. Considering all I’m doing is reading Japanese blogs and re-posting their links here just like every other news update on American blogs, you’d think that I’d have more material to work with. I totally blame the American internet for posting things about that Geass/Kishimen crossover MAD 12 hours after I link it on IRC, thereby taking away any novelty that would come with it. Anyway, here are some silly links, because anything that is actually important is already covered on ANN or animenewsservice or blogs like that:

I also found out a few hours ago that my last rightstuf shipment came in. This is probably where I once again make empty promises concerning actually writing reviews and such of things that I got, so:

Hopefully some of it will inspire me to write a review! See you guys next time!

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