Kafka on the Shore update

This would have been a good book, if only it was a good book.

I think his method of telegraphing the obvious plot resolutions in the ending, then not actually writing the ending and just ending the book before it, might look clever to some people, but it was actually kind of annoying.

In the future I will restrict myself to reading Murakami books that are provably episodes of Haibane Renmei.

(Though maybe I should read Underground; it’s nonfiction, after all.)

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  1. kransom says:

    if what my comp lit TA tells me is true (fairly likely, she’s native Japanese, but on the other hand I’m fairly sure at this point that the class is going to focus on psychoanalytic and feminist literary crit OH NO), that’s more or less how Japanese persuasive essays are written as well – she illustrated it as having THE POINT or THE THESIS in the middle and then starting on the other side of the whiteboard and spiralling around until finally hitting the point or getting right before the point or, like in this case, not hitting it at all. She quickly followed this explanation up with “I DO NOT WANT YOU WRITING ESSAYS LIKE THIS.”

    Of course, I don’t see why Murakami would intentionally use a style that’s so Japanese, it’s not like he can actually win any points with Japan, right?

    Also, are his short stories any good? We’re reading a few of those in my Japanese language class.

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